Condom vending machine wall mounted vending machine small vending machine

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 1. Appearance color and logo can be customized. Vertical screen, no keyboard style, products can be selected from the screen and paid, and can be placed on the desktop.

2. Beverages, false eyelashes, eyelash glue, wig glue, lip gloss, Eyeliner Pen / liquid and other products can be used in general.
3. The maximum item size that the cargo can accommodate is 7.4*3.5*18*cm. If products exceeding this size need to be placed, the cargo can customize a larger size of spring cargo or pusher cargo .
4. The total capacity of the machine is 5 goods per cargo , 4 cargos per floor, a total of 4 layers (i.e. 5*4*4=80 pieces). The size of this model is small, so it is not recommended to sell large volume goods, and the inventory will be less than the price.
5. The current model is: card swiping, cash, card swiping + cash.


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Small vending machine

Adult  products. Make up eyelashes. Drinks

PaymentCash.Pay by card.Cash+Pay by card


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