Zetron MIC200 UVIR3 Industrial Boiler Explosion Proof Ultraviolet 40/40Ufl Ultra Fast UV IR Sensor Flame Detector

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MIC200 Infrared Flammable Gas Detector
The MIC-200-UVIR3 flame detector combines the latest UV and dual IR detection technology to provide fast, accurate and reliable fire detection with improved immunity to false light sources and effective flame detection over longer distances. Depending on the user's settings for sensitivity and delay time, the MIC-200-UVIR3 detector can effectively eliminate false alarms and is suitable for applications in high-risk industrial environments. In addition to general applications, the MIC-200-UVIR3 detector is particularly suitable for fire suppression in railway locomotives, explosion suppression in military armoured vehicles and ships, and hydrogen combustion flames. the MIC-200-UVIR3 detector's explosion-proof housing is securely and accurately mounted both indoors and outdoors, its high brightness LED indicates the detector's status, and its automatic test function ensures that the detector is fully functional at all times.


* Developed by the principle of three-wavelength infrared detection, it is highly immune to false positives.
* High-speed response to fire;
* Built-in high-performance microprocessor;
* Excellent anti-radio frequency and electromagnetic interference performance;
* Reliable system fault self-diagnosis function;
* Three-wire current ring and relay are optional;
* Patent signal processing algorithms to minimize the possibility of false positives;
* Multi-level sensitivity settings to meet different needs in more situations;
* Easy to install, with a detection angle of 360 degrees.
* Exd II CT6 explosion-proof grade, suitable for hazardous sites in zones 1 and 2.

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