Electric Rack Mount PDU Unit - 8 Outlets w/ Digital Display and Surge Protection

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Product Overview


 2023 newarrive professional network remote monitoring and management power distribution system is the lastest products


1. Communication rate Kbps;


2. Format: canbus2.0 extension frame, type: data frame,

3. Event-triggered communication mode;

4. Equipment canID number: number range 1-255.

Power address: xx, based on the actual address line of the power supply

Broadcast address :0 xff( no response frame at this time)


Frame ID:0x1FXXYYZZ of Mainboard Feedback



1.1 Product name: Remote monitoring and management of power distribution system;


Network remote monitoring and management power distribution system,the products according to the international development trend of the power distribution management technology,combined with data center application environment of technology and market demand,it adopts the latest core technology of completely independent intellectual property rights,A well-designed remote monitoring and management power distributor integrating network communication, monitoring and detection, power distribution and other technologies.



A  monitor total load current

Bmonitor input voltage

Cmonitor load power

Dmonitor total power consumption

Emonitor unit current

FThe unit switch

Gmonitor the input over current

Hmonitorthe overvoltage

Imonitor the environment temperature and humidity


1. DOWN LOAD: software download button;
2. WIFI: WIFI interface;
3. T/H: temperature and humidity sensor;
4. RS232: serial port;
5. NET: 10/100M Ethernet access interface;
6. COM1/2: IN: when multiple sets are connected in series, this port is connected to the OUT interface of the next set; OUT: Slave level connection input port, which is connected to a
IN interface of;
7. RUN: running status indicator;
8. 1600mp/KWh: electric energy pulse indicator;
9. LCD DISPLAY: LCD display panel;
10. Socket switch indicator;
11. UP: UP page turning button;
12. DOWN: DOWN page turning button;




 Main function description:
1. Monitoring function: the total load current, total voltage, total power, total electric energy
Power factor, load current of each independent unit, on/off status, temperature/humidity status, smoke status, water immersion status of each independent unit
Status, access control status.
2. Control function: On/off control of output unit, setting of delay time of sequential on/off interval of output unit.
3. Original state maintenance: the original state and maintenance of each output unit during restart.
4. Self defined alarm: when the total load current exceeds its threshold setting value, when the load current of each output unit exceeds its threshold setting value/
When the humidity exceeds its threshold setting value.
5. System default alarm: when the total load current exceeds the rated value, when the load current of each output unit exceeds the rated value, when smoke occurs, water
When immersion occurs and access control is opened.
6. Multiple alarm modes: buzzer buzzes; There is a prompt when checking the working status, and the font color changes to red; Automatically send E-mail to the system management
Manager; SNMP sends Trap alarm status information.
7. Cascading function: support cascade, up to 4 cascaded, including 5 hosts.
8. User management: user permission setting. (Assign new users to different user groups. Users in the same user group have the same permissions
It can be divided into user settings, equipment settings, user management, system upgrade, output unit switch control, etc.)
9. Access mode: Web, access control through IE; SNMP (V1/V2c/V3) is accessed and controlled through standard network management workstation.
10. Support multi-user operating system and software upgrade.



 Product parameter:


Product name 8 way Smart pdu POWER distribut 
Product Serial Rack type intelligent PDU power distribution unit series
Plug model China 10A
Output unitChina National standard three flat jack
Input power way One way back incoming, 16A input
Installated shlef way Flat installation, 19 'installation
control function Remote intelligent control
Protect function/
Cable model 
H05VV-F3G=3×2.5mm2 -2 meter

Product size 

Fixed houle distance

Case length 

Accerarrey 2 M6 floating nuts, PDU installation manual (optional)
Product mark  
Rated voltage
220V/250VAC 50/60Hz

Rated current 10A
Maximum current 16A
Maximum powe4000w


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