100l hydraulic lift vacuum emulsifier mixer vacuum defoaming machine emulsifier mixer tank

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Product Overview


100l hydraulic lift vacuum emulsifier mixer vacuum defoaming machine emulsifier mixer tank

Vacuum Emulsifier equipment refers to the equipment professionally used for high-speed shearing, dispersion and mixing of materials. It can make the material fully emulsified and fine, mixed evenly, and remove air bubbles in the production process. Professionally used for cosmetic cream materials and pharmaceutical cream materials.

You can choose PLC touch screen or Push-button type vacuum emulsifiers.

Product Shots

100l Lifting type vacuum emulsifier mixer homogenizer with oil and water pots

Oil and water phase boilers with bottom disperser
Dispersion blending speed can be up to 1440rpm
SS316L blending system with PTFE scraper
Mixing speed is 0-60rpm, it can be adjusted with inverter

Bottom high-shearing homogenizer
Homogenizer head is made of SS316L, and homogenizing speed is 0-3000rpm , it can be adjusted with an inverter.
Homogeneous mechanical seal adopts Bergmann mechanical seal from Germany.
Lid adopts flange seal
The pot cover includes: pressure manhole, vacuum pressure gauge, suction filter, vent valve, vacuum port, air pressure port; pump air inlet, mirror light, mirror port with scraper, spice funnel, cleaning valve port

Products Description

1. Vacuum defoaming function can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic.
2. The main boiler lid adopts the lifting system, it is easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the main boiler adopts a tilting discharge.
3. The main tank can be heated and cooled with an electric heating function.
4. Adopts imported electric appliances which can meet international standards.
5. Contacted parts are made of SS316L, the wall scraper is made of PTFE.

Technical Data

Wall scraper mixer
Water and oil pot
1.1kw, 0-65rpm
2.2kw, 0-3600rpm
0.37/0.37kw, 1440rpm
1.5kw, 0-65rpm
4kw, 0-3600rpm
0.55/0.55kw, 1440rpm
3kw, 0-65rpm
5.5kw, 0-3600rpm
0.75/0.75kw, 1440rpm
4kw, 0-65rpm
7.5kw, 0-3600rpm
1.1/1.1kw, 1440rpm
5.5kw, 0-65rpm
11kw, 0-3600rpm
1.5/1.5kw, 1440rpm


Cosmetic Cream Lotion Production Line
Raw Water Tank-Water Treatment-Pure Water Storage Tank-Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer-Bottle Washer-Filling Machine-Capping Machine-Inkjet Printer-Box Packaging Machine

What can we do?
We can provide you with excellent production lines and packing solutions, please let us know below info.:
1. Your required capacity; 2. Your products; 3. Filling range; 4. Bottle size and pictures

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Company Profile


1. Can you customize the volume for the vacuum emulsifier?
Yes, we can do it. But it will take much more time to customize it. The production time for standard machine is about 30 working days.

2. Which parts can you customize?
Such as mixer/homogenizer motor, mixing paddle, layer, heating method, control type(PLC/Button), electric box, volume, etc. It depends on your requirements.

3. What functions does the machine have?
Such as vacuum defoaming, heating, cooling, mixing, emulsifying, high shear homogenizing, lifting, auto discharge, auto

4. What products can this machine produce?
Cosmetics: face cream, lotion, serum, body butter, liquid foundation, sunscreen cream, etc.
Food: mayonnaise, ketchup, source, etc.
Daily chemical: shampoo, conditioner, hair essential oil, toothpaste, liquid soap, detergent, etc.

5. What is the function of oil/water tank?
Good question! Its function is pre-heating/pre-process. The semi-finished products will be transferred to the main tank for
mixing. If you want to buy vacuum emulsifier with small volume, so we don’t recommend you to equip them.

6. What is the brand for the motor of vacuum emulsifier?
Normally we use the Siemens Motor, due to the Covid-19, sometimes it’s difficult to order the Siemens motor, so our client will also choose ABB motor.

7. Can you also customize the power supply?
Yes, that’s no problem. The standard power supply for the vacuum emulsifier is 3P/380V, we can customize the voltage based on your requirements. Such as 3P/220V, 1P/220V, 1P/110V, 3P/415V, etc. To be told, the production time will be longer if we customize it.

8. Please let me know the material used, ok?
The contacted part is made of SS316L, and the machine body is made of SUS304.

9. I am a starter in the cosmetic field, and I want to rent a factory to start it, what suggestions will you provide us?
For starters, we recommend that you can choose 50L or 100L small vacuum emulsifier, semi-auto filling machine, and capping machine. When your business become bigger, you can buy the automatic machine. Anyway, please let me know your specific requirements, such as the products you want to produce, required capacity per day. It will be better if you can let us know your budget.

10. Can you let me know the speed for the motors?
We equip the inverters, the speed of mixing motor is 0-63rpm, the speed of homogenizing motor is 0-3000rpm, which means the speed can be adjusted easily.

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