auto darkening welding helmet flip with resperator (1600683596039)

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Product Overview


Product Description

2023 HOT air respirator welding helmet air purifying

Flow rate 170 litres,210 litres or 250 litres per minute
Pre filter(steel mesh and activated carbon filter)+Main filter
Operating time: HI:7 Hours,MI:9 Hours,Lo:11 Hours

Field of application and conditions for use
The powered respirator is used for dust removal and partial odor removal, not for gases or vapors and is used to reduce or remove resistance to inhalation during respiration by producing a constant airflow. The unit is designed with manufacturer’s minimum
design flow rate 170 litres,210 litres or 250 litres per minute (the flow rate at which the equipment still will fulfill the requirements of the class in EN12941). The actual working time will be about 8 hours .

Detailed Images

Product Name
welding helmet with ventilation


170 litres,210 litres or 250 litres per minute




Optical Class :1/1/1/1

LCD Viewing Area :75×112mm(2.95×4.41in.)

Arc Sensors: 4

Light State Shade: DIN 3

Grind State: DIN 3

Cutting Shades: 4 to 8

Variable Welding Shades :9 to 12 / 13 to 15

Shade Control :Variable Shade, Digital Display Control

Power On/Off :Auto-ON, Auto-OFF
Sensitivity Control Variable 1 to 10, 
Digital Display Control

UV/IR Protection Up to Shade DIN16 at all times

Power Supply Solar cell with battery assist Battery 2 x CR2450 lithium batteries

Light to Dark Switching Time 0.00004 sec. (1/25,000 sec.)

Dark to Light Switching Time Variable 0 to 10,Digital Display Control (0.1 1.0 sec.)

Grinding Yes

Operating Temperature 14°F~ 131°F (-10℃~55℃)

Storage Temperature -4°F~158°F (-20℃~70°℃)

Product Overview

FLIP UP true color welding helmet

Type: Lithium,rechargeable
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 5200 mAh
Operating time: HI:7 Hours,MI:9 Hours,Lo:11 Hours
Charging time: 3 h
Charging cycles: ﹥500
Material case: Impact proof ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 350 grams
Dimensions: 137x50x72 mm
Filter class: P3
Material filter medium: Efficient filtering low resistance papers
Material support disks:ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 90 grams
Dimension:DxH: ø120x38mm
Battery charger
Type: Fully automatic, overcharge protection
Primary voltage: 100-240 v, 50/60 Hz
Secondary voltage: 12.6 Volt
Color: Black
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 110x48x30 mm

Open the front cover by releasing he retaining clip on the side of the unit by hand (do not use tools). Fit the filter squarely
into the power unit by aligning the three concave points of the filter box to the three convex points in the cavity. Then press
the filter hard and rotate a small angle clockwise to lock. To unlock the filter , press it and rotate anticlockwise.
The pre-filter and the activated carbon filter should be installed on the inner side of the upper cover, assembled in the order
and direction indicated in Figure 1, and then pressed by the frame. Three notches on the frame are aligned with three buckles on
the top cover. Press the frame and rotated clockwise to lock. To disassemble them, press the frame and rotated anticlockwise to


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