K150K15C0GF5H5 DIP ic chip Through Hole Resistors Thermal Fuses

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Product Overview


Product Information
Model Number K150K15C0GF5H5
Type integrated circuit
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Original
Description K150K15C0GF5H5
Voltage - Breakdown standard
Frequency - Switching standard
Power (Watts) standard
Operating Temperature standard
Mounting Type standard
Voltage - Supply (Min) standard
Voltage - Supply (Max) standard
Voltage - Output standard
Current - Output / Channel standard
Frequency standard
Applications Integrated Circuit
FET Type standard
Current - Output (Max) standard
Current - Supply standard
Voltage - Supply standard
Frequency - Max standard
Power - Max standard
Tolerance standard
Function standard
Voltage Supply - Internal standard
Frequency - Cutoff or Center standard
Current - Leakage (IS(off)) (Max) standard
Isolated Power standard
Voltage - Isolation standard
Current - Output High, Low standard
Current - Peak Output standard
Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ) standard
Current - DC Forward (If) (Max) standard
Input Type standard
Output Type standard
Current Transfer Ratio (Min) standard
Current Transfer Ratio (Max) standard
Voltage - Output (Max) standard
Voltage - Off State standard
Static dV/dt (Min) standard
Current - LED Trigger (Ift) (Max) standard
Current - On State (It (RMS)) (Max) standard
Impedance standard
Impedance - Unbalanced/Balanced standard
LO Frequency standard
RF Frequency standard
Input Range standard
Output Power standard
Frequency Bands (Low / High) standard
Specifications standard
Size / Dimension standard
Modulation or Protocol standard
Interface standard
Power - Output standard
Memory Size standard
Protocol standard
Modulation standard
Serial Interfaces standard
GPIO standard
Utilized IC / Part standard
Standards standard
Style standard
Memory Type standard
Writable Memory standard
Resistance (Ohms) standard
Product Display
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