Compound Fertilizer for Agriculture NPK 15 15 15

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Product Overview


Product Description

ItemStandard Value
Product nameNPK 15-15-15 Compound Fertilizer(MOP Based)
AppearancePurple Granula
Nitrogen Content (N)15%
Phosphorus Content (P2O5)15%
Kalium Content (K2O)15%
Total Content (N+P2O5+K2O)45%





Product Description



NPK Fertilizers Granular product index

Crops Applied

Dosage (Per Hectare)


Food Crops:


Base Manure:75~110 KG

Seed Manure:35~45 KG

Top Manure:150~225 KG

In the process of agricultural production,the majority of people is though the base and blunt way of combining application of compound fertilizer. Now part of the vegetables in greehouses is gradually into the results, especially meions,solanaceous fruit vegetable, the demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is bigger.So it needs different compound fertilizer, topdressing contenct to meet the needs of its growing.



Base Manure:85~100 KG

Seed Manure:15~30 KG

Top Manure:100~120 KG



Base Manure:90~100 KG

Seed Manure:20~50 KG

Top Manure:90~110 KG

Economic Crops:


Base Manure:65~95 KG

Seed Manure:20~35 KG

Top Manure:85~100 KG

Ornamental Plants:

Flowers,Potted Plant,Holly,Grass Lawn,Golf Grass...

Base Manure:90~100 KG

Seed Manure:50~60 KG

Top Manure:110~130 KG


NPK Crystal (full water soluble)

* 100% water soluble,nutritional foliage spray that doesn't need agitation in the tank.

* High purity,can fully meet the demand of professional cultivation and outdoor ornamental plant.

* Less impurity,which can be applied safrly in various of plants,seeding amd greenhouse flowers,no salt accumulation to soil after long term application.

* Trace element are chelated micronutrients which doesn't react with phosphate and not produce sediment.

* Balanced formula of each kind of element,make it can avoid deficiency symptom,can better suit for greenhouse cultivation and make sure health growth of plant.

* The addition of special chelates agent in it,will make it adapt to and adjust different water quality and keep the solution in stable PH value.

* When foliar application,it could percade and penetrate into the leaf very quickly.Also it can be used together with various pesticide and herbicide.




1.Increase plant's chlorophyll content and promote the photosynthesis.

2. Improve utilization of nutrients by overlay with other NPK fertilizer.

3. Can be absorbed by all parts of plant directly and also can promote plant growth, early maturity and delayed leaf senescence late crops, to increase production. Shorten the growth cycle of crop.

4. Improve crop quality and increase plant protein;

5. Clean, pollution-free and help improve the ecological environment.

6. Enhance metabolic function and adversity ability.



Company Information

 Hebei Fuzhe Laize Industrial Co., Ltd. is the only one set production, learning, research in one of the fertilizer production enterprises. With an annual output of 500,000 tons of fertilizer, the company has a number of soil fertilizer experts and professors, and two production lines have been put into production. Our main products are: Rare earth compound fertilizer and soilless compound fertilizer, soilless high nitrogen fertilizer, BB fertilizer, micronutrient fertilizer, organic diammonium, urea nitrogen, urea fertilizer, organic fertilizer and other fertilizers, and a compound fertilizer anti-caking agent, adhesive and other fine chemical products, the company always adhere to quality first, customer first, service first business philosophy, to do fine fertilizer as own duty, by the good faith, for the purpose of the benefit of m By the majority of dealers and farmers friends welcome.


 Q: How to confirm the product quality before placing orders?
A:You can get free samples for some products,you only need to pay freight or arrange a courier to us and take the samples.

Q: What's your MOQ?
A:The general minimum order quantity starts from 20 tons.

Q:Can I get a cheaper price if I order a large quantity? 
A:Yes. If you order a large quantity, the discount would be possible based on the quantity you require.

Q: What about your payment terms?
A: Usually TT,LC,Credit Card etc,can be negotiated.

Q:What's your delivery time?
A:Generally 7-15 working days after payment for small quantity. For large quantity, the delivery time will be informed after confirm.

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