All Weather Rainy Night Reflective Glass Beads For Road Marking

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Product Overview


Price pavement line reflective white thermoplastic road marking paint


I:Main Advantages:


1. Adhesion :The unique formulation ensures good adhesion to the road surface .
2. Antiskid: Content of antiskid agent , which makes the paint keeping excellent evenness and better antiskid, and maximum ensures the security of driving.
3. Reflection­­ :There are sufficient pellicle-spraying high- quality glass micro –beads with stable reflection .Scientifically choose the mixed glass micro- beads with different proportions according to the settling rate of glass micro –beads in coatings ,which ensures the old and new lineation always keeping good reflecting effects.
4. Drying fast : Provide different formulations to produce paint according to different temperature ,humidity and the conditions of road in construction etc ,which ensures the coating with excellent drying speed and good antifouling properties.
5. Stability :Choose raw materials with excellent light and thermal stabilities .The paint which is used in the area under strong sunlight conditions add anti –ultraviolet agent ,which ensures the line keeping original color and shine for a long time.
6. Anti–micro crack : The micro crack of line is a big technical problem in the road-marking industry home and abroad . After long-term research organized by our company, the approach that adding liquid materials with high-temperature resistance and functional structural raw materials has completely resolved the problem.


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II: Price pavement line reflective white thermoplastic road marking paint  Technical Information


Physical Characteristics


Appearance Colour


Density (g/cm3)


Softening Point (°C)


Drying time of no sticking to wheel (minute)


Luminance factor





Compression Strength(Mpa)


Flow Resistance (%)


Glass Beads Content (%)





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Glass beads spraying on road surface :

Improve the retro-reflection property of the road marking paint.
When driving at night, the headlights flash on the marking line with glass beads which makes the headlights reflex back in parallel, so the driver could see the forward way clearly and the driving security is raised at night.

Thermoplastic Paint

Film Thickness

Coverage Area


Glass beads

( Spraying on road surface)

1 ton


270 m2



reflective glass beads.jpg

Glass beads.jpg

 Reflective white thermoplastic road marking paint  manufacture department:

 paint manufacture.jpg


 Price pavement line reflective white thermoplastic road marking paint  pre-heater

It is also called hot melt kettle, is used for heating, melting, and stirring thermoplastic marking paints continuously, preparing hot melt paints for the thermoplastic machine during long distance road lines marking work






JLZRF300 Hydraulic single cylinder pre heater

Paint tank: 300L


JLZRF450 Hydraulic double cylinder pre heater

Paint tank:2*225L


JLZRF500*2  Hydraulic double cylinder pre heater (1 Ton)

Paint tank: 2*500kg


pre heater.jpg

road marking paint.jpg

pre heater package.jpg


How to prepare the thermoplstic road marking paint  ?


Road paint pre-heater, always matched with thermoplastic machine, is main equipment for thermoplastic paint lines marking construction.
During the construction, first, put powder coating (additives) into the hot-melt kettle. The heating temperature must be controlled between 180 °C ~ 210 °C.
Keep stirring while melting, until the paint into a homogeneous liquid state.
And then, the hot-melt material is ready to be discharged into the thermoplastic machine for marking construction.



The melting paint quality affects directly to the traffic lines marking quality, so the pre-heater is a key part during thermoplastic paint road lines construction, and essential device for thermoplastic paints heating and melting

Thermoplastic paint pre-heaters (double-cylinder and single-cylinder) are hydraulic stirring preheater. Use diesel engines as power, driving hydraulic devices, the hydraulic motor and stirrer.

The integrated direction shift valve makes the mixer positive-negative two-way stirring. LGP gas stove is heating directly from bottom, melting paints for the paint tank of thermoplastic road marking machine....


Pavement line reflective white thermoplastic road marking paint application:


marking line.jpg


Our Main Business Scope:

1. Thermoplastic road marking machine series;
2. Cold paint road marking machine series
3. Two-component road marking machine series
4.Road marking remover series;
5.Auxiliary road marking machine series

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 Any questions or need for the road marking project  , you can contact us freely...

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