Труба из ковкого чугуна (1600686839104)

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Product Overview


* High-Impact Resistance
Ductile Iron Pipe has the high-impact strength and toughness to withstand shocks usually encountered in transportation, handling and installation.  

These characteristics also provide added security against stresses induced by water hammer, highway traffic and unexpected adverse forces.  Excellent impact resistance is confirmed by tests made in accordance with ISO2531.
* Conservation of Energy and Lower Pumping
Head losses in piping are directly related to inside diameters, and energy consumption and accompanying pumping costs are directly related to head losses.  

Therefore, the use of ductile iron piping having inside diameters greater than nominal can result in significant energy savings over the years.  In addition to helping keep operating costs and utility rates reasonable, this conservation of energy is also helpful to the environment.

* Superior Strength
Using a combination of chemical analysis and heat treatment to produce a pipe with desirable strength and ductility—a pipe that will withstand high internal pressure and deep cover—a pipe providing added reliability and safety for normal and unusual conditions, such as expansive soils and earth movement due to freezing and thawing.   
* Assured, Proven Long Life
Historical records document centuries of proven service of gray cast iron pipe.  Extensive laboratory and field tests under various installation conditions prove the soil corrosion resistance of ductile iron is as good, if not better than, grey cast iron.  The corrosion resistance of ductile iron pipe is verified by more than four decades of service. 

                                             Ductile Iron Pipe
Zinc coat
Tensile strength
Yield strength
Taint thickness
Above 130g/m2
Above 7g/cm3
Above 420mpa
Above 300mpa
Above 70micron

Item name 
Ductile iron pipe
T-type (push-on)
Ductile Cast Iron GGG50
PN10, PN16, PN25,PN40
Wall Thickness
K8, K9, C25, C30, C40
Standard: 6m, cut to 5.7m
Bundles, in bulk
By sea/ train
20 years-50 years
Agriculture, Hydroelectric, Water and wastewater, Oil and gas, Mining and Dredging.

Internal Coating
1). Portland cement mortar lining
2). Sulphate Resistant cement mortar lining
3). High-Aluminum cement mortar lining
4). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
5). Liquid epoxy painting

   External Coating
1). zinc+ bitumen  painting
2). Fusion bonded epoxy coating
3). Zinc+liquid epoxy painting

Ductile Iron Pipe Has Better Mechanical Performance
Centrifugal ductile iron pipe
Gray iron casting pipe
Steel pipe
Resistance to tensile stress
Bending strength
≥590 (Mpa)
Extensibility   (N/mm2)
Elastic Coefficient
Approx.16x104 (%)
≤230 (HB)
≤230 (HB)
Yield strength(N/mm2)

Our ductile iron pipes strictly meet the below standards:
A). ISO2531, EN545, EN598 for pipes and ANSI/AWWA C153/C110 for fittings.
B). External Coating: Zinc no less than 130g/m2 and bituminous paint at least 70um comply with ISO8179.
C). Internal Coating: cement mortar ( or high aluminium cement, sulfate resistant cement) lining comply with ISO4179.
D). Gasket: SBR/EPDM/NBR/neoprene comply with ISO4633.

 Main standards implemented to our ductile iron pipes:
Ordinary tech standards for ductile iron pipe
BS EN545
Zinc-coating and bitument spraying
GB/T 17456.1
BS EN545
Cement motar lining
GB/T 17457
BS EN598
Rubeer seal
GB/T 9876-88

The inside of sockets and the outside of spigots should be cleaned up to the insertion
depth. Gaskets should be wiped clean and inspected for damage. The gasket should then
be placed into the socket groove, rounded end entering first. Seating the gasket is made
easier by forming the gasket into a loop during insertion. The heel of the gasket should
fit uniformly into the retainer seat. On pipes larger than 12”, additional loops may help in
placing the gasket in the seating.

Ensure that the spigot end is properly chamfered or rounded to avoid tearing of the
gasket. Clean away all foreign matters from contact area of pipe. Apply a thin film of
recommended lubricant to the mating surface of the gasket. Avoid spray-on lubricants
as these may not provide enough lubrication. Avoid petroleum based lubricant as it may
damage the gaskets. Once lubricated, do not let lubricated area touch the ground or
other contaminant,
compromised seal could result.

Spigot should be inserted in socket. If socket is pushed, the gasket may be displaced.
Align and center the spigot in the socket and keep it in this position. Now gently push the spigot into the socket by suitable mechanical means, maintaining the alignment and level. A suitable gap should be left between the spigot end and the bottom of the socket to take care of any axial movement,deflection or temperature variation. To ensure this, two
band marks are made near the spigot end. These bands act as a ‘Go’ and ‘No-Go’ gauge. After jointing, the end of the socket must end between these two bands. If moderate force does not result in a solid seal, remove the pipe and inspect for foreign matters, improper
lubrication or misaligned gasket. Once you are certain of a solid seal, joint deflection can be applied within the permissible limits.

Pipe that has been cut on site can easily be made ready for use by giving the plain end a bevel. With a portable grinder, create a 16° angle around the outside edge of the cut end. The edge of bevel and plain end of the pipe should be rounded off with the grinder.
Grinding should produce a bevel that continues back about 1” from the edge. This bevel will ease assembly and protect the gasket from damage by removing rough edges. Special consideration should be given to cutting pipe 14” or larger. In this case, pipe should be gauged full length.* Pipe that is gauged full length will be marked as such and conforms to ANSI/AWWA C151 Standard for Ductile Iron Pipe requiring spigot end factory gauging. To ensure tolerances, pipe for field cutting needs field gauging at the point of where the cut is to be made. Mechanical joint glands can be used for field gauging.

Founded in 2012, chongqing xinlurun pipe industry co.,ltd has committed to manufacture cast iron products and fittings in the past ten years.

Our main productions are DN80mm-DN2600mm ductile cast iron pipe& fittings, cast iron pipes &fittings,Valves and rubber rings. The annual production capacity of 300,000 tons for casting iron pipes, and 30,000 tons for the casting iron fittings . Our main customers are from U.A.E, South Africa, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh,Singapore and so on.

Our factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters, with own advanced production equipment, laboratory, independent R & D, and innovation department. We have an whole producing& assembly line consist of medium frequency electric furnace, spectrum analyzer, centrifugal molding, annealing, zinc spray, finishing, and packaging.

The casting iron pipes&fittings are widely used in gas transmission, water supply, water launching, drainage, electric power and other projects. The fabricated products are strictly inspected and complied with ISO 2531, EN545, BS EN598. Meanwihile, the blast furnace cement internal protection complies with the standard ISO 4179, metallic zinc complies with the standard ISO8179.

Q1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A:We are a manufacturer with own branch company and sales department, you will get a factory-direct price from us if you buy from us.

Q2. How Can I order?

A:Please contact our sales representatives, they are able to communicate in English and will provide the most suitable purchase solutions for you.

Q3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:Quality is priority. Our people always attach great importance to quality control from the production beginning to the end. We have well-trained and professional workers and strict QC system in each production link, and each product has to be 100% inspected before shipment.

Q4. What are the terms of payments?

A:We accept T/T、Western Union、LCPaypal etc.

Q5. What's your delivery time?

A:In general, the items which are in stock will be shipped out within 3 working days, for customized products and huge order, the delivery time will be based on our negotiation. Please be assured we'll make the delivery as soon as possible with the guaranteed quality.

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