Printers Copiers Print Machine Color Original Used Copier Machine For Xerox C75 J75 With Xerox Paper

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Price:$4,642.00 - $5,001.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
XEROX C75 J75 Used Laser Digital Copier
New appearance, original parts, perfect printing quality
Low price , no middleman, and the cost is directly saved to the you
Bubble bag with seal + Wodden frame

For business users
a.LED screen, easy to operate.
b.Print up to 75 times per minute and 999 copies continuously.
c.Can support automatic duplex copying and printing.
d.Up to 80-90% refurbishment, eight factory inspections, strict quality control
e.Provide video guidance operation and Instructions.
f.After-sales maintenance is simpler: provide online maintenance guidance services, and core components are guaranteed for two years.
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For print shop
a.2400*2400dpi, the effect is clear and bright.b.Support coated paper, card stock, plain paper and other paper,with complete functions.
c.Machine performance is stable and long service life.
d.Buy our machines and consumables
with more discounts and save on consumables costs: A4 sheet cost (color $0.028, black and white $0.0014)
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For sales and lessors
a.Used copier price is only 10% of the new machine, and the cost can be recovered in a few months.
b.Strong and stable supply chain system, sufficient supply.
c.Stable machine performance and lower consumable costs, with as little as $0.0014 per sheet of A4 paper.
d.Additional counting functions can be provided, making rental services more convenient.
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About Our Core Value Of Copiers

Copier function

Why Choose Us

Product Paramenters

Machine type
Print function
Speed: 75/75 pages/min (black white/color) 
Resolution: 2400*2400DPI 
Paper size: 100×148mm-330×488mm 
Paper thickness: 64—300G 
Paper Type: Coated paper, Thick paper, Transparencies, Tab paper, Label paper
Copy function
Speed: 75/75 pages/min (black white/color) 
Resolution: 2400*2400DPI 
Continuous copying of 1-999 sheets, automatic double-sided copying of document table
Scan function
Speed: Double sweep 200 sides/min 
Resolution: 600*600DPI (highest)
Maximum Original Size
Preheating time
Machine power
Machine weight
About 400KG,With wooden box about 500KG
Monthly print volume

Our Factory

Founder's Story
Original intention: I want to make it easy for everyone to print
"I went out to work with my parents when I was 16 years old. My first job was in a printing shop. I didn't expect that this job choice would later become the motivation and support for my entrepreneurship. My job at that time was to help The customer prints the document. Although it is simple, it is gradually becoming a headache because of some problems with the printer. For example, the printing is very slow, and the customer is very impatient after waiting for a long time; the printing color is not bright; the operation interface is very complicated, and the new employees cannot do anything, but the most headache for me is that the aging printers in the store always fail. These problems have caused our printing shop to lose a lot of customers and make the work efficiency very slow. In order to solve these problems , I started to learn the structure of printer parts, and asked the maintenance master how to solve problems such as printer jams and slow speeds, how to repair and replace aging parts, but I understand that these problems are only solved in a short period of time. If I want to help more people To reduce the troubles encountered in printing, I decided to start my own business. After a lot of comparison and research, I chose a factory with R&D capabilities and capable of producing printers to cooperate. At this point, my entrepreneurial journey officially began--JL company was born.
Join the green concept in the printing industry
"It has been 12 years since we decided to take root in the printer industry in 2010. In the past ten years, we have developed printers of our own brand, which have benefited more companies and graphic stores. Five years ago, With the concept of green development and sustainable economic development, I suddenly felt that I could do something for the society through the printing industry? After everyone's discussion, we proposed the concept of 'second-hand copiers', which is the remanufacturing process of copiers. The old machines are repaired, refurbished and tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each second-hand copier is refurbished to 90%, and the price is only 10% of the new machine, and each machine will be sold after eight major tests. The process can not only save the use cost of enterprises, but also more in line with the concept of green environmental protection and greatly reduce carbon pollution. These second-hand copiers have also been recognized by many corporate users and graphic store users. So far, we have produced more than 100,000 second-hand copiers , has served more than 500 customers, and the praise is as high as 99%. In order to allow more corporate customers to reduce costs, we have begun to open up overseas business. In the future, I hope that our Reoep company can pass our ideas to more people,and add value to environmental protection together with everyone.”
Birth of REOEP
"Why is your company called REOEP?" "‘Re’ stands for reproduction and remanufacturing. We hope that the value that our products can provide is not only a simple product value, but more that it conforms to our current and future environmental protection and green concepts, truly to reduce environmental pollution for the earth. ‘OE’ represents our user group and the range of our products is all office equipment. ‘P’ represents we are a used office equipment provider.In the future REOEP is not only dedicated to the production of office equipment and used copiers, More than that, I hope to serve every customer well, think what the customer thinks, worry about what the customer is worried about, and do what the customer does.”

Packing & Delivery


1. Re-manufacturing Standard: 
a. Appearance 
No rust, cracks, running paints, scratch, burrs or other obvious defects. 
b. Toner 
At least remain 30% capacity of original toner in each cartridge; 
c. Cleaning 
Whole machine must disassemble, clean all parts and assembly again; 
d. Pick-up Roller Unit
Check each roller carefully, over-worn will be replaced. Each tray must pass 100 pages A4 plain paper test; 
e. Drum Unit 
Check each drum unit consumable carefully, over-worn will be replaced. Pass 30% gray color print test; 
f. Developer Unit 
Pass 30% gray color print test, and will be replaced the corresponding accessories if any obvious defects found. 
h. Transfer Unit 
Check each transfer unit consumable carefully. Pass 30% gray color print test. 
i. Fuser Unit 
Check each fuser unit consumable carefully, over-worn will be replaced. Pass 200g A3 size coated paper test. 
2. All consumables are new OEM or Compatible ? 
We don't replace all consumables. Our technician will print out some pages, they will check the condition of the machine according to the printing effect. 
If the original part is working fine, they will keep them. 
If not, they will replace them by compatible type.
3.What payment type and delivery Terms do you accept? 
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,FCA,DDP; 
Accepted Payment Currency: USD,EUR,JPY,CAD,AUD,HKD,GBP,CNY,CHF;
Accepted Payment Type: L/C,D/P D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow; 
Language Spoken: English,Chinese,Spanish,Japanese,German,French,Russian,Korean,Italian 
4. What if I receive a damaged package? 
When you receive the package for the first time, please check whether the package is damaged in person. 
If it is damaged, you can refuse to sign for it and contact us immediately. 
5. What if there is a problem with the product I received? 
If it is a copier, we will arrange an online diagnosis for you to help you solve the problem. 
If it is a consumable, we will arrange for you to return it.

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