Boot And Glove Test Set High Voltage Insulated Boots Gloves Tester Leakage Current Analyzer Withstand Voltage Dielectric Tester (1600687949350)

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High voltage insulating gloves test
Insulated boots and gloves are essential power system operation and maintenance of safety equipment, DL408 electricity safety regulations and electrical insulation shoes GB12011-2000 General technical requirements and test methods specified period insulated boots and gloves and other safety equipment used in . Test methods and cycles insulated boots and gloves and other safety equipment used for. Insulated boots and gloves pressure test, a period of six months, the breakdown is not allowed during the test, and insulated boots leakage current is less than the limit value.

Electrical insulation gloves test Features:
1. Simultaneously 8 insulated boots or gloves trials were measured leakage current
2. Display large amount of information
3. Measurable test voltage test transformer primary current and other parameters
4. Using infrared communications technology
5. Automatic pressure test
6. With a dedicated ground containers, easy to operate
7. With over-voltage, overcurrent and other functions

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Measuring Range
Insulated shoes and insulated gloves
Test station
Leakage Current Range
Processing customized
Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
Accuracy in measuring leakage current
Leakage Current Resolution
Voltage measurement accuracy
Dot matrix liquid crystal display


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