HIPS 100% virgin for injection molding

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High impact polystyrene HIPS
Free sample
On-time delivery
Environment friendly
Can be reinforced with the glass fiber/toughness/flame retardant/UV stabilized
Competitive price
High quality
About Inquiry
In order to give you a satisfactory quotation as soon as possible
and to find materials that are perfectly suited to your products
please tell us the details:
1.Virgin or recycled
2. Any additives, such as uv-stablized, light diffusion, flame retardant, etc.
3. Injection or extrusion
4. To make what product
5. Color

The relative density of HIPS is 1.04~1.06, and the heat distortion temperature is 70~84℃. The tensile strength of HIPS is about 15~30MPa, and the elongation is 35~60%. It increases with decreasing temperature and increasing strain rate, somewhat like a rubber toughening system. HIPS behaves somewhat like a viscoelastic solid, creeping when exposed to constant tensile stress. Creep decreases with increasing molecular weight and generally increases with increasing rubber content. The creep behavior of HIPS is strongly dependent on the average molecular weight (Mw). The bending strength is 29.4~50 MPa, the impact strength is 0.09~0.16N/M, the Vicat softening point is 84~100℃, and the melt index is 2~9g/10min. The heat resistance of HIPS parts depends on their shape, production conditions, heat source type and heating duration, and is also affected by the HIPS level.
The properties of HIPS are not affected when exposed to water, alkalis and dilute mineral acids. It can be swelled by some organic solvents and dissolved by others, which is determined by the difference in dissolution parameters between the continuous and solvent phases. HIPS are particularly susceptible to damage when exposed to chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.
High impact polystyrene is a small amount of polybutadiene grafted onto a polystyrene matrix. It has an "island structure", the matrix is ​​plastic, and the dispersed phase is rubber. Has many features:
1. Impact-resistant polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin;
2. Odorless, tasteless, hard material, good dimensional stability after forming;
3. Excellent high dielectric insulation;
4. It is a non-quality low water absorption material;
5. Its gloss is good and easy to paint.

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1. About Factory
It is closed to Xiamen port.
2. About Sample
3. About Material
We can customize the material performance according to customers’ requirement.
4. About Color
We can match the material color according to color card PANTONES or RAL.
If you don't know color card number, you can send us product.
5. About Process Method
Full technical/process support.
6. About Delivery Period
About 7 working days for 10tons, 10 working days for 18-20 tons.
7. About Payment Term
It’s flexible, TT, L/C at sight, PAYPAL, BANK, Alibaba’s Trade Assurance, etc.

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