Manufacturers wholesale sbs roof waterproof coiled materials pvc geomembrane sheet

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 Self - adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing roll
Maximum peak pull(N/50mm)
Maximum peak time elongation(%)

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1.What should we pay attention to before waterproof coiled material construction?

Check the weather forecast before construction. We suggest that the coiled material see water 72 hours after construction to maintain the foundation The surface shall be clean and dry, and there shall be no dust on the base surface. If there is a lot of dust, it can be washed with water and dried Construction can be carried out later (there is peeling and sand on the base surface, which is recommended to be used with bottom oil).

2.How about waterproof coiled material and good construction effect?

It is suggested that the construction should be carried out at noon in cold weather.Before construction, the coiled materials should be laid flat and dried for about 20 minutes.First of all clean the base surface, keep it clean and dry, and then tear off the green inner membrane (the bright membrane plays a role in reflecting light)The function of heat insulation is on the top), find out the water leakage point and lay it directly, which can be constructed in a large area The coiled material can be cut and used according to your construction base surface. It can be pressed well when it is used to lap the edge.Finally After the coiled material is paved,just step around.Note: if the coiled material is not suitable for pasting on the wall, it is recommended to use paint or butyl tape for pasting on the wall.

3.How about the stickiness of waterproof coiled material?

our waterproof coiled material is made of natural asphalt, which is self-adhesive, not quick adhesive! Coil and base The fusion takes about a week.After the construction, step on it. The longer the time, the more firm it is.

4.where to ship?

We deliver the goods from Jinan, Shandong Province.After placing the order, we will arrange to send it to you as soon as possible.The specific time depends on the transportation timeliness of the express.

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