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Product Overview


Paper Cup forming Making Machine Production Line

 paper cup making machine price 

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Product Description


 automatic high-speed ultrasonic paper cup forming machine use table style, To separate mould system from

transmit system ,the transmission parts are set inside of machine body which under the table.

The machine are combined with

1.whole body structure under automatic spray lubrication system; cam system;

3.Vertical shaft transmission system;

4.gear system.

5.PLC touch screen system(as option)

6.collecting system(as option)

All moulds are set-up on the table ,which are easy for operation .


 paper cup forming machine use open cam system and single aluminium plate ,which make machine more faster and

stably .The machine have plenty of 14 sensors to follow each process .Machine with Automatic double paper feeding

system ,ultrasonic ,heating sealing ,oiling,bottom punching,bottom fold,bottom folding,pre-heating ,knurling cup.


1. Multiple feeding for flat fan paper,multiple mediation ,to avoid unevenness on both sides of fan paper,to avoid the fan paper

jam problem.

2. Machine with 14 sensors, to be sure each fan paper run stably in each position ,if any position mistake or failure , machine will

start alarm system and stop automatically.

3. Machine with Sheaves and gear together , the part join tightly with each other,no any loosening during machine

running ,machine running more accurately.

4. Machine use direct feeding system for paper bottom,use servo motor for feeding bottom paper,use automatic sensor to help

the pre-feeding ,avoid waste for paper,reduce the bottom down problem during feeding process.

5. Machine with full automatic oil lubrication system ,the oil pump is working continuously during the machine running ,machine is

open cam & reducer motor . The above advantages make our LXP-100 machine less failure rate, machine more perfect ,provide

better service for all customers.

6. Machine with bottom paper cutting system ,which will make the wasted bottom paper more easy to be recycled

7.Machine weight 2000kgs, can running under the speed of 100pcs/min stably.


Technical parameters:






220V50HZ or 380V50HZ

Cup size






Machine size


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