MAJOHN P136 fountain pen, metal copper piston ink absorbing replaceable tip assembly, No. 6 sharp adult pen

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Product Overview


Product Parameters
Remove the cap length
Maximum Diameter
Cap Diameter
Grip diameter
Nib Diameter
EF(0.38mm) F(0.5mm) M(0.65mm)
Packing weight
Ink Storage Method
Pen holder ink storage
Ink Storage Method
Rotating inking device

Differential copper piston
20 hole observation port

The package may be
updated continuously,
subject to the actual object

① The pen body of this product is made of imported resin, and it is prohibited to contact alcohol or alcohol containing solvent.

②. Special tools are required for the removal of the nib assembly and the tail piston assembly. Do not disassemble and assemble them randomly in normal use.

③ . The pen tip and tongue have a positioning structure and are tightly assembled, so brute force may damage the tongue.

④. The tongue is made of German imported materials, which has a certain flexibility and can better fit with the pen tip, reducing the split of the pen tip when it is matched with the pen tip. More deeper ring groove structure is more conducive to buffer and absorb the spilled ink under the environment of rapid changes in air pressure. Since the ring groove sheet of the tongue is thin, do not push and twist the tongue vigorously.

⑤. The red ink window in the picture is because there is red ink in the pen. The real object is a transparent grille. The junction between the transparent window and the solid color may have very small refraction and reflection. The nature of the material determines that it is not a quality problem. The light will disappear if it is blocked after the ink is applied. Please know that there may be small traces left in the window near the pen holder mold closing line! Repeated screwing of the cap may cause circle marks on the pen holder.

⑥ Please be aware that the product color will have a certain color difference due to the influence of light and display factors.

⑦. This pen clip is manually polished with thickened die-casting material, and the edge will have polishing shape loss.

⑧. MOONMAN and MAJOHN are both end makers' English trademarks, which may alternatively appear on the body or packaging of the commodity, and the pattern and packaging of the pen tip may also be updated and iterated.

⑨ Before delivery, the pen tip will be dipped in red ink and rinsed with clean water. There may also be red ink residue.

⑩ The handwriting thickness data is only for reference, which may differ from the actual performance. There are individual differences in the underwater.

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