Steel silos China leading technology from Nord for cement fly ash clinker storage silo

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Product Overview


Steel silos China leading technology from Nord for cement fly ash clinker storage silo

Brief Introduction of Nord

About us:
1- Nord devotes to provide reliable and advanced solution for cement silo, fly ash silo, clinker silo, slag powder silo, grain silo etc. integrated system.
2- We own mature and full profession technical team who deeply developing in cement industry, they clearly performs engineering process design, structure calculation, project construction and management, and after sales service to secure the successful implementation of projects.
3- Awarded the title of high-tech enterprise, and own full qualifications to undertake EPC project, conclude 8 invention patents and 17 utility patents. / silos china/

Continuously interpret customer needs and creates value for customers

Full silo system EPC solution

From material receiving ends at material distribution :
(1)Material receiving -- pneumatic or bucket elevator feeding .
(2)storage silo.
(3)aeration unloading system.
(4)material distribution system.
(5)dust filtering system.
(6)weighing system by rotor scale or belt conveyor etc.
(7) mixing system for different types cement manufacturing / silos china/

We have different types silo for option:

Galvanized spiral silo
Widely used for medium storage capacity, can be 500ton ~ 8000ton. Also can be flat or hopper type.
With perfect sealing, fast construction (compared with same capacity welded silo and concrete silo) etc advantages.
Constructed by galvanized steel, have good anti-corrosion performance.
Welded silo
Widely used for large storage capacity, can be 1000ton ~ 100000tons.
Investment is much lower than same capacity concrete silo.
Widely used in China leading cement plant, famous transit project etc. It is a very mature technology, and proved by many silo projects in China.
Hopper silo
Full steel structure silo: the capacity is generally more economical between 200-3000T. Widely used in bulk truck loading silo, transit silo etc. The advantages of simple delivery, convenient use, and low maintenance cost.

Ingenuity quality meets industry needs

Engineering capacity highlights

Advanced process engineering design
More than 15 years researching and developing inside cement industry which present leading process design in China.
Know-how of how to achieve expected function by simple and reasonable design and each part connections.
Rich experience for silo system engineering design in cement plant, milling plant, terminal port, transit station, coal-fired power plant etc. / silos china/

Structure calculation and safety secured
Nord strictly follow national standards to make design and construct silos, and make balance between safety and economical.
Civil design consultant can be provided when necessary.

High efficiency aeration unloading technology
High efficiency aeration unloading system will be customized according to material flow characters, silo dimension and unloading capacity.

Steel silo model

Steel silo model table:
Each silo dimension can be customized according to land layout and process design needs. 
Below normal silo dimension is calculation based on cement storage with 1.3ton/m3 volume density. 

Capacity (tons)
Silo type
Flat or hopper type
Diameter (m)
Height (m)
500 ton
bolted/spiral/ welded
Hopper type
1,000 ton
Hopper / flat type
1,500 ton
Hopper / flat type
2,000 ton
Hopper / flat type
3,000 ton
Hopper / flat type
5,000 ton
Flat type
8,000 ton
Flat type
10,000 ton
Flat type
20,000 ton
Flat type
50,000 ton
Flat type
100,000 ton
Flat type
Please consult separately

Rich experience installation

Rich experience for steel welded / spiral silo construction
With a senior experienced construction and management team, make construction to be scientific and reasonable, optimized and balanced to ensure that construction quality is indeed feasible, quantity ensured, safe and environmentally friendly. / silos china/

Customer and cases

Rich project experience accumulation drive owner project success landed.

Many well-known enterprises inside the industry verify the quality of NORD equipment for you.

Steel silos China leading technology from Nord for cement fly ash clinker storage silo

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