Automatic Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TP 13736

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TP-13736 Automatic Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

TP-13736 Automatic Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and manufactured according to national standard GB/21789-2008 "Measurement of Flash Points in Petroleum
Products and Other Liquids (the Abel Closed Cup Method)" and "ISO13736" standards. It is suitable for measuring petroleum products and other liquids with flash point between 30℃~70℃.
The whole instrument takes the advanced hybrid signal ISP FLASH micro controller as the core technology, can automatically complete the whole process of flash point testing, and print out the values of flash point, test date and pre-flash point; and uses 65K true color LCD screen with touch keyboard, all English human-machine dialogue interface, full touch screen display; with
functions like parameter setting, quick start, system setup, self-checking; with prompt menu, guided input, convenient and quick. It is an ideal substitute for imported instruments. It is widely used in railway, aviation, electric power, petroleum industry and
scientific research department.

1.This instrument adopts touch screen microcomputer control, integrates
temperature control, ignition, flash point acquisition, storage and printing as an integral whole and completes automatically.
2. 65K true color, 5.7 inch LCD screen, built-in touch keyboard, automatically adjust the brightness contrast.
3.The test results are automatically corrected to standard atmospheric pressure, automatic detection of flash point, automatic
opening and ignition.
4.Automatic printing of experimental results, and monitor the flash point alarm signal.
5.Equipped with multi-functional circulating cold water bath, automatic / manual control of cooling medium circulation.
6.Gas ignition, the result is more accurate.
7. The use and maintenance of this instrument are much convenient.

1. Applicable standards: GB/T21789-2008, ISO13736:1997
2. Test range: -30℃~70℃ (outside circulating cold water bath).
3. Check mode: thermocouple differential detection; temperature measurement: PT100;
4. Display mode: 5.7 inch, 65K color TFT LCD;
5. Refrigerating mode: built-in strong air cooling system;
6. Printer: heat sensitive paper, 36 characters, and Chinese or English character output.
7. Self diagnosis function: buttons, display, printing,control; automatic print measurement results;
8. Ignition mode: gas ignition mode;
9. Repeatability: ≤4℃, Reproducibility: ≤8℃
10.Resolution: 0.1℃, precision: 0.5%
11. Cardinality parameter: heating speed: comply with GB/T21789-2008 standard.
12.The ambient temperature: 10-40℃, relative humidity: ≤ 8℃
13.The whole power consumption: 300W
14. Working power: AC 220V + 10%, 50Hz

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* The warranty period is 24 months from commissioning acceptance date on. After the warranty period is over we provide lifelong maintenance and technical service.
* We guarantee the maintenance time no more than 3 working days and response time within 1 hour.
* We build instrument service profile for our clients to record the product service and maintenance conditions.
* After instruments start service, we will pay follow-ups to collect the service conditions.

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