Эмульгирующий воск для косметического вакуумного миксера costech 100l

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Price:8 000,00 $ - 10 000,00 $
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Product Overview


COSMATI emulsifying wax for cosmetic vacuum emulsyfying mixer 100l

Vacuum emulsifying mixer lipstick mixing making machine is usually made of main homogenizing mixer, oil phase mixer, water phase mixer, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system, materials circulation system, heating and cooling system, temperature control system and electrical control panel etc.
The main homogenizing mixer is composed of a vertical type inline high shear mixer mounted from the bottom of the manufacturing vessel, wall scraper and two fixed propellers with holes. The bottom homogenizer consists of one three-layer toothed rotor and one two-layer toothed stator. An external circulation pipe comes along the tangent of rotor and connects to the top edge of the tank body.
The oil and water phase mixers have exactly the same construction. There’s a high speed disperser mounted from the top of the cover which helps dissolve the ingredients. Some customers will omit the oil and water phase mixers and keep the main homogenizing equipment only.

Products Description

1, 500L Tilting internal and external Vacuum Cosmetic Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer Machine,which can meet different technological demands.
2, The homogenizing structure is made through German technology. The machine adopts the imported double-end mechanical seal effect.The maximum emulsifying rotation speed can reach 3500 rpm and the high shearing fineness can reach 0.2-5 um.
3, The vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic . The vacuum materials vacuum sucking can avoid dust.
4, The main boiler lid can adopt lifting system, it is easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the main boiler can adopt tilting discharge.
5, The boiler body is welded with 3 layer imported SS plate, tank body and pipes adopts mirror polish which meet the GMP standard.
6, According to process requirement, the tank body can heating and cooling the electric heating.
7, To ensure the stability of whole machine, the machine adopt the imported electric appliances which can meet the international standards.

Wall scraper mixer
Water and oil pot
1.1kw, 0-65rpm
2.2kw, 0-3600rpm
0.37/0.37kw, 1440rpm
1.5kw, 0-65rpm
4kw, 0-3600rpm
0.55/0.55kw, 1440rpm
3kw, 0-65rpm
5.5kw, 0-3600rpm
0.75/0.75kw, 1440rpm
4kw, 0-65rpm
7.5kw, 0-3600rpm
1.1/1.1kw, 1440rpm
5.5kw, 0-65rpm
11kw, 0-3600rpm
1.5/1.5kw, 1440rpm


Cosmetic Cream Lotion Production Line
Raw Water Tank-Water Treatment-Pure Water Storage Tank-Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer-Bottle Washer-Filling Machine-Capping Machine-Inkjet Printer-Box Packaging Machine

What can we do?
We can provide you with excellent production lines and packing solutions, please let us know below info.:
1. Your required capacity; 2. Your products; 3. Filling range; 4. Bottle size and pictures

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What does this company do? Why should I choose you?
Cosmati is committed to providing the best customer service and quality to your product needs. We have been founded for 15 years as a manufacturer of cosmetic machinery. The primary focus of our company is manufacturing the best machine as an excellent and super professional supplier by providing complete product line support from research.

What is the minimum order/MOQs on my product?

Here at Cosmati, we try to be assessable to both small and higher-volume mass production clients. To keep our low cost of production, we typically keep a 1-pcs order minimum. Ordering larger amounts will be the most cost-effective.
However, we are flexible. If you ordered more than one set product with us, the total price can be lowered.

Once I am satisfied with my product, how long does manufacturing it take?
Once you are completely happy with the product that you have decided on, we will start manufacturing right away. This will take about 30-45 days normally. Depending on the production department.

How much is each product?
Each customer we take has very unique and specific requirements to their products. Depending on what our client is looking for in product amount, capacity, custom manufacturing, voltage, and packaging, the cost varies.

How can I customize my machine?

Our innovative and advanced team will be able to customize your product however you desire. We are capable of making the voltage, volume, and logo easily. But the production time is not fixed.

How do you arrange the shipment?
We have many freight forwarders who cooperated with us for a long time, so their price and service are competitive. But it will be better if you choose your own forwarder.

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