8 ton japan used excavator old excavator mini

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★Check the appearance: ensure that the appearance is smooth and free of damage, and the paint surface is clean to prevent accidental vehicles from happening.
★Real manufacture date: Judging the real date of the excavator by checking the production date of the main components such as glass, engine nameplate, hydraulic pump nameplate, etc.
★Working device: check the wear of the bucket and pin shaft of the whole excavator, check and repair the main components such as the chain plate, chain rail, oil cylinder, oil pipe, etc.
★Hydraulic system: Check the main hydraulic components such as hydraulic main pump, throttle valve, motor, rotary reducer, etc. to ensure that there is no leakage and work normally.
★Engine: Observe the exhaust gas and water temperature of the engine through idle speed, medium throttle and deep throttle, check the radiator to ensure that the cooling function, the power output is stable, the radiator no water leakage.
★Vehicle circuit: Check the vehicle lights, instrument panel, and electrical components in the cab to ensure normal operation and no fault codes.

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