12V 3A 27w 40*40mm High Power Semiconductor Cooler Peltier TEC1 12703

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1. When buyers buy components, they have different requirements for the time of receiving the goods, and the delivery speed of different express companies is also different, so please contact the buyer for the specific freight price before shooting. The postage is charged according to the actual cost, and the timeliness is relatively guaranteed. If the above Express cannot be delivered or other express needs to be sent under other circumstances, please contact us.

2. Because the manufacturers of the same electronic component model are sometimes multiple manufacturers and sometimes multiple production dates, the pictures are only for reference. Generally, only one manufacturer picture is provided for the buyer's reference. Sometimes a small number of models may not be delivered according to the manufacturer of the picture. Of course, we will explain it to the customer in time if time permits, Therefore, if the buyer has strict requirements for components, please have suffixes or manufacturers and other special requirements when purchasing components. Please explain to the customer service or write it in the remarks, so as to meet the needs of customers.

3. About the buyer's signing for the package: each package is packed in a reliable and firm way, but sometimes the rough delivery by the express company will lead to the loss or damage of components. The resulting losses can be compensated by the express company. If you find that the package is damaged and the electronic components inside are exposed, please check the goods carefully. When the buyer inspects the goods, please check whether the model and quantity purchased are correct and whether the package is damaged

4. After sales service: if you have any problems after receiving the goods, please contact our store first and we will solve them in time

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