HXHV rodamientos 30200 30202 30203 30204 30205 30206 30207 30208 30209 Tapered Roller Bearing Price Size (1600692706810)

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Product Overview


We supply service as below:
1, OEM service, custom bearing's size, logo and packing.
2, CE certificate, EPR certificate. SGS report.
3, One year warranty.
4, Competitive wholesale price.
5, Short lead-time and fast delivery.
6, Free sample for regular customers. New buyer can get part bearings as free sample.

Model Number
15 mm
35 mm
11.75 mm
11 mm
15 mm
42 mm
14.25 mm
13 mm
17 mm
40 mm
13.25 mm
12 mm
17 mm
47 mm
15.25 mm
14 mm
17 mm
40 mm
17.25 mm
16 mm
20 mm
47 mm
15.25 mm
14 mm
20 mm
52 mm
16.25 mm
16 mm
20 mm
42 mm
15 mm
15 mm
20 mm
47 mm
19.25 mm
18 mm
20 mm
52 mm
22.25 mm
21 mm

The metric series of tapered roller bearings are widely used in military industry, aviation, machinery, automobile, metallurgy, mining, railway and other fields. Its main applications include the following aspects:

1. Automobiles and vehicles: Tapered roller bearings are used in axles, transmission systems, engines, transmissions and other components, which can withstand large axial and radial loads while ensuring stable speed and smooth driving.

2. Machine tools and industrial equipment: Tapered roller bearings are suitable for high-speed rotating and high-precision processing machine tools and equipment, such as milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machine tools, etc., which can reduce vibration, reduce noise, and improve equipment accuracy and reliability.

3. Agricultural and gardening machinery: Tapered roller bearings can be used in rotors, fan blades, harvesters and other equipment in agricultural machinery and gardening machinery. Due to their excellent structural bearing capacity and wear resistance, they can adapt to various working environments.

4. Railway and aerospace: Tapered roller bearings are widely used in high-speed trains, large airport equipment and aircraft landing gear, etc., with high load capacity and stability, and can ensure safe and reliable operation.

5. Mining and construction engineering: Tapered roller bearings can be used in heavy equipment such as mining equipment, excavating machinery and hoisting machinery. They have strong bearing capacity and good durability, and can effectively improve production efficiency and safety.

We mainly supply small ball bearings, thin section ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, plastic bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, thrust ball bearings, slewing bearings, etc.

You are welcome to contact us for the catalog.

About HXH Bearing
Wuxi HXH Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. We are a professional manufacturer committed to the development, production, sales and service of high-quality bearings and related products.

Our bearings come with CE and SGS certification. The main products include inch or metric miniature bearing, flange bearing, thin section ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, plastic POM PU PP bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical plain bearings, thrust ball bearings, slewing bearings, linear guides, door & window rollers, etc.

The bearings are widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, spaceflight, military industry, many kinds of machinery and automation equipment.

HXHV bearings have a large domestic market share, and also exported to all over the world. With strong R & D, production, processing and assembly capabilities, we can provide customized bearing services according to customer's requirements, including bearing's precision, material, size, packaging and so on. At present, we also supply well-known bearings.

Wuxi HXH bearing Co.,Ltd got recognition from domestic and overseas customers with stable quality and professional and thoughtful service! We always innovate and improve products with an attitude of excellence, serving every customer with customer-first concept.

Look forward to working with you!

1, Universal packing.
2, HXHV Packing.
3, Customized Packing.
4, Original brand packing. Contact us for more pictures.

We usually send goods by sea or by air freight depends on the weight and volum of your pakcage, such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc. If buyer has designated forwarder, we can also send goods to them directly based on buyer's requirement.

How long will it take to ship to my country?
If deliver by air express such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, It will takes about 4-9 working days to arrive. If deliver by sea, It usually takes about 30 to 45 working days to arrive.

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost depens on the gross weight and delivery address.
As for customized bearings, you can contact us for the exact shipping cost.
As for the RTS products, the shipping cost will be calculated by system automatically. you can see it on product page.

We accept T/T (Bank Wire), Trade Assurance through alibaba.com, Western Union, Money Grame, Paypal, L/C.
Buyer can pay in USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY and cash.

If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.

What is your company name ?
Wuxi HXH Bearing Co., Ltd.

Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
Both. Manufacturer and Trading Company, since year 2005.

Where is your factory located ?
Our Factory in Shandong and cooperative factory in Wuxi.

Can I add my own logo?
Yes, you can add your logo on bearings and packing box.
We supply OEM SERVICE including bearing's size, logo, packing, etc.

What is the MOQ for this product?
The MOQ is usually USD$100, except shipping cost.

Do you provide samples ? Is it free or extra ?
Some samples are free. It depends on bearing's value and sample quantity. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have a new catalog?
Yes. Please contact us to get catalog.

CE Certification
Please go to our alibaba store, check more certificate information. It will show you how to make sure if certificate is in valid. https://wxhxh.en.alibaba.com/custom_page/Page1.htm?spm=a2700.shop_prom.88.55

Discount ?
Please check the on sale products by link below.

What is the best price you can offer?
1, As for the RTS bearings, the price and shipping cost are all right. you can start order online directly to buy the bearings. some are on sale and 30% OFF.
2, As for the customized bearings, please contact us to get the exact price. Because the cost is affected by order quantity, material, logo, packing, non-standard size and brand.

What is your advantages?
1, Our mini ball bearing comes with very competitive factory wholesale price.
2, Bearings are in stock. We usually quote and deliver very fast.
3, We supply OEM service, custom bearing's precision, size, logo and packing, etc.
4, Buyers are very satisfied with our bearing's quality and has left many positive feedback online.
5, We supply CE and SGS certificate. and EPR certificate to Germany, Franch and Spain.
6, We are top and verified supplier on alibaba.com.

Do you have an Alibaba Supplier Report?
Yes. we have the report. Download Report Now.
Alibaba supplier report provides verified data and help you make better business decision
We are verified supplier by SGS Group and Alibaba.com

Warranty Service?
1 year warranty since the date that you have received our bearings.
If any problem, please contact us to solve them.

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