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Color coate corrugated steel plate

Products features
Color-coated steel sheet is a composite metal sheet that uses galvanized steel sheet or cold-rolled steel sheet as the substrate,and is coated with various protective and decorative coatings after surface treatment, also known as color organic coated steel sheet. The structural layers of the color coated steel sheet from the inside to the outside are cold-rolled sheet, galvanized layer, chemical conversion layer, primary coating, finish coating

color coated corrugated steel plate

The surface of this sheet is novel in color, strong in adhesion, good in corrosion resistance and decoration, and has good
processing performance. It can be sheared, bent, drilled, riveted, and rolled.

The color-coated steel plate is mainly used as the outer wall of the building, and it needs to be used as a thermal insulation layer to form the wall directly; in addition, it can also be used as a roof panel, corrugated board, waterproof and gas-proofsheet, corrosion-resistant equipment and components As well as furniture, car shells, flaps, etc.
The decorative service life refers to the main body fading, chalking, cracking, partial peeling off of the coating and other defects on the surface of the color steel plate. Affects the image and aesthetics of the building, but has not yet reached a level of use where the coating loses its protective effect.

Coating types
1.Coated steel plate
The galvanized steel sheet is used as the base, and the front and back sides are coated to ensure its
corrosion resistance. The first layer on the front is a primer, usually an epoxy primer, because of its strong adhesion to metal,and the back is also coated with epoxy resin or acrylic resin; the second layer used to be alkyd resin, generally polyester paintor acrylic paint.
2.PVC steel plate
One is produced by the method of coated paste PVC, called coated PVC steel plate; The other is to have been formed and printed or embossed PVC film on the steel plate, known as coated PVC steel plate.
3.Heat insulation coated steel plate
The thermal insulation coating steel plate is a 15-17mm thick polystyrene foam or rigid polyurethane foam affixed on the back of the color coated steel plate, which can be used to improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of the coatedsteel plate.

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