Great quality Far Eastern linden honey strengthening immune system reliable supplier honey for sale in bulk 140g

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Great quality Far Eastern linden honey strengthening immune system reliable supplier honey for sale in bulk 140g

Linden honey "Gifts of the Old Believers" is collected in an ecologically clean area of the Bastak nature reserve in the Far East. This gives a product of unsurpassed quality: the absence of cell towers, roads and industrial facilities are important factors for the cleanliness of honey plants and the efficiency of bees.

Our lime honey has a delicate aroma with fresh woody notes of camphor, mint and balsamic hues due to the presence of essential oils in the composition of the nectar.

As our clients say, it "opens up in the mouth with flowers", which is good for those who have recovered from the virus - the taste buds seem to "hear" the smell of flowers.

Honey without pesticides, only hand-packed without overheating. That is, honey is packaged for specific applications, it is not heated, thereby preserving the power of nature.

Good antiviral action! A powerful medicine for colds, as part of useful vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Relieves fever, relieves fever, reduces body aches.

Useful for women to balance the hormonal sphere, normalizes metabolism.

Helps to treat a number of diseases of the digestive tract, circulatory and nervous systems.

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Dar Staroverov

The company's personnel are religious orthodoxies, their life beliefs are based on the concept of "honest work for good deeds". Representatives of the company are several artels of Old Believers, they live in pure taiga, far from roads and industry. Therefore, herbs and honey do not contain pesticides, antibiotics and traces of the influence of urbanization. All products are packaged by hand, without overheating. The company works without intermediaries - we deliver honey and herbs to the client from the taiga after packaging in unchanged form (without artificial additives). Herbs after harvesting are dried in the taiga, in the dark, without heating. All recipes for the preparation of concentrates and seasonings are traditional, Old Believers, time-tested.

The company was established in 2020 to process herbs and honey. The owner of the company is Fefelov Kilin Inokentii, an individual entrepreneur. Since Inokenty's family values include healthy nutrition, he considers the production of environmentally friendly products to be his main task. He and several generations of his ancestors produced honey and herbs. So he organized his own company. He managed to confirm the quality, he received declarations of conformity for all products. The company is constantly expanding the list of products offered. We plan to launch a line of desserts based on honey and pine nuts in 2023. The main packaging is glass bottles and jars. The goal of the company is to avoid the use of plastic. Honey, which is packaged in sterile glassware, is stored for years without changing its natural qualities. In 2023, we will launch our own packaging line made from natural materials.


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