Polymer Coated Urea 46.4% 50kg packaging in china

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Product Overview


Product Description

Polymer coated urea PCU is a kind of controlled and slow release fertilizer.

chemcola focus on this new type of fertilizer for more than 10 years and use the industry’s advanced self-developed degraded polymer

materials and unique process to produce the polymer coated urea granular.

PCU contains higher nitrogen 43%-45%, polymer technical help control the nitrogen release time from 30 days to 180 days, reduce

nitrogen leaching and improve the uptake efficiency to save cost and labor, reduce the top dressing times and improve yield.

PCU is a perfect fertilizer to replace the traditional 46% Urea to help farms improve yield.

sulfur coated urea
Sulfur-coated urea is mainly a sulfur film on its surface under the action of moisture and microorganisms, sulfur is oxidized by air or decomposed by microorganisms to slowly form film ruptures or generate micropores, urea is released, and different particle
compositions are released successively. Sulfur-coated urea is suitable for dryland crops in areas with moderate humidity, and the temperature should not be too high. The higher the temperature, the higher the humidity, the faster the release; otherwise, the slower


Benefits of Controlled pcu scu polymer sulfur coated urea slow release fertilizer
1.Continuous and controlled supply of nitrogen
As the bulk blending fertilizer, providing slow release nitrogen source and combination, eliminating the urea moisture absorption
and agglomeration, reacting with other raw materials to improve the miscibility and expand special nitrogen-regular made of our
PCSCU will provide a continuous and controlled supply of nitrogen for the period while of the nutritional needs, avoiding burning
seedling or shorting of fertilizer.
2.Environmentally friendly
The less fertilizer and high utilization rate can reduce the volatilization, leaching loss of nitrogen, reducing the accumulation of nitrogen in the soil, and its extent of salinization.
3.Highly efficient and economical
Fertilizering only once during the whole growing season, which help us to savethe labor, time and cost.
4.Sulfur-containing good for crops
Sulfur is essential for improving the crops quality and resistance. The interaction of sulfur and nitrogen could decreasethe nitrate contents of crops and improve quality.

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