Faith 2022 new inkjet printers insert the external fonts from USB

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Product Overview


Product Description

Portable intelligent mini handheld inkjet printer
Integrated designed body,110* 87*43mm,weight 240g,lighter ,smaller,faster.

3.5 inch colorful capacitive touch screen,free edit,what you see is what you get.

Support over 20 languages and input methods,one press switch that satisfy global users.

Dedicated printing system,friendly interface design,millisecond print response.

Type-c standard charge port,recharge at anywhere anytime.

Battery Parameters
Display Screen
3.5 inch colorful capacitive touch screen
Machine Specifications
110*87*43mm 240g
Communication Interface
Power Interface
Supported Languages
SimplifiedChinese/TraditionalChinese/English/Japanese/Korean/French/talian/Portuguese/Spanish/Dutch/German/Russian/Turkish/Arabic/Vietnamese/Thai/Mongolian/Malaysian/ Indonesian etc.,over 20 languages with more to come
Nozze Type
0.5 inch Tij ink cartridge
Print Height
Minimum 2mm / Maximum 12.7mm Adjustable
Printing Accuracy
300DPI / 400DPI 1600DPI Adjustable
Printing Material
Plate/Carton/Pipe/Cable/Metal/Plastic etc..

Product Details

Detachable module
It can choose different printing forms in different scenarios.

Printing on uneven surfaces
Remove the detachable module, the printing is more flexible, and the nozzle is protruding, which can print in a narrower space

Flat printing
With detachable module, can provide 2 auxiliary wheel support for smoother printing

cartridge nozzle protection cover:

Don't need to take out the ink cartridge after stopping printing, you can directly use the protective cover to prevent part of the ink from the nozzles from solidifying and blocking the nozzles.

Comes with a protective cover storage position to prevent the protective cover from being lost, and it is easy to access at any time.


Text,date,picture,code,variable code,counter,table,all can be printed.

High performance industrial grade hardware design,apply to different complicated scenario,stable and reliable printing.

Why Choose Us

Online After-sales Service 24 Hours
No matter you seek help at any place, any time, we can respond quickly excellent technical consultant, provide the best solution online.

Two Years Warranty
During the warranty period we provide professional, considerate and timely after-sales service.

Packing & Delivery


Q1: What can printer print?

A1: It can print pictures, numbers, time, months, days, two-dimensional codes, all kinds of patterns.

Q2: What is the printing speed?

A2: The product is a hand-held Printer, which can control the printing speed freely.

Q3: What is the printing distance between the printer's print head and material?

A3: Better between 2 and 5 mm.

Q4: Do you have after-sale?

A4: Sure,We have remote technical support 7*24.

Q5: How much capacity does a cartridge have and how many words can it print?

A5:With 42 ML fast-drying ink, a cartridge can print 800,000-1.5 million characters.

Q6: How should I get more videos or details if I need them?

A6: You can get more information from our .customer service.

Q7: How long does it take for the ink to dry?

A7: About 3-5 seconds.


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