Original Launch X831E 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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Product Overview


Original Launch X831E 3D Wheel Alignment Machine 


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1. 3D four-wheel alignment software with completely independent intellectual property rights, which simplifies the operation page and can obtain continuous upgrades of functions, interfaces and data at the same time;


2. Measuring system: two 3D industrial digital cameras, four targets constitute the measuring system;


3. Imported high-definition wide-angle lens: meet the detection of ultra-long and ultra-wide vehicles, and adapt to various light conditions;


4. Ultra-short installation distance: the installation site requirements are low, and the distance from the camera to the front wheel can be as short as 1.6 meters;


5. All-weather high-performance imported 3D industrial camera: automatic adjustment of light intensity and temperature compensation to ensure high-precision detection in high temperature and severe cold climates;


6. LED optical indication system: According to the intelligent LED indication on the camera, the positioning operation can be accurately completed;


7. Maintenance-free passive target: There are no electronic components, no battery, no data transmission on the target, completely eliminate the source of failure, and reduce the cost of use and maintenance;


8. Dynamic measurement: Rolling the wheels, the body is in a natural state, real-time detection of "vehicle positioning reference plane", and automatically eliminating the deviation caused by the unevenness of the lift and the clamping of the fixture;


9. The operation is simple and quick: install four targets on the rim, and only need to push the car to roll the wheel to complete the traditional positioning measurement except the kingpin angle, and the whole process takes less than 1 minute;


10. Calibration-free: It has been calibrated before leaving the factory, and it can be used after installation on site;


11. On-site maintenance: If the equipment needs to be corrected, it does not need to be returned to the factory, and it can be done on-site;


12. One-key recovery: After the software is infected with a virus or misoperated, the positioning system can be restored with one key.


Technical parameter

Test itemsTechnical parametersMeasuring range
Display accuracy1′/0.01′/0.1mm/
Toe angle±2′±20º
Camber angle±2′±10º
Caster Angle±5′±20º
Kingpin inclination angle±5′±20º
Retraction angle±2′±5º
Thrust line angle±2′±5º
axle track±2mm2000mm

0.0117 s.