2CAT5E 4*16AWG Electrical retractable cable Spiral curly cable Curly flex cables (1600697695575)

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Product Overview


Product name

0.75mm2 PUR Coiled spiral cable Electrical retractable cable Spiral curly cable

Product Description

Product name
0.75mm2 PUR Coiled spiral cable Electrical retractable cable Spiral curly cable
Conductor construction
Fine strands of Oxygen-free copper wire according to VDE0295 CLASS5/6
Conductor insulation:
High quality imported PE insulation or special mixed PVC 
Outer Jacket
 Quality imported PU
Color code
Color wires
Jacket color
Black,could support OEM

Product Features


1.5 times of the coil lengjth 
2.High resetting force
3.Extremely good Oil resistance,abrasion resistance,cold resistance,weatherability


Technical parameters

Nominal voltage
Testing voltaage 
Insulation resistance
>20 Gohm×cm
operating temperature: Fixed installation
Flame retardancy
According to IEC60332-1or2
Suitable for equipment control,mechanical engineering,instrument structure and power cable

What are the applications of coiled cable?
Coiled cable can be used in an array of fields. Different industries such as retail, medical, dental, communications, robotics,
electronics, among others, utilize these recoil curly cords in their various machines and equipment. Many gadgets and appliances
like GPS units and powered coolers rely on a flexible coiled cable to function properly. From common key chains to specialized
medical devices, the applications of coiled cable are virtually limitless. Here are a few examples of machines and devices that
use a coiled cable:

Telecommunication Cable Assemblies
Car Manufacturing Contraptions
Garage Door Gears
Military Equipment
Rolling doors
Medical devices
Test Equipment
Handling Equipment
Audio and Video
Heart Defibrillators
Cell Phone Car Chargers
Global Positioning System (GPS) Units
Industrial Ice Cream Making Machines
Radar Detector

Coiled cable(also known as: spiral cable)
It is necessary to use coiled cables in almost all industries. Whether in communication (telephone, radio), medical technology,electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or lighting industry, coiled cables are used everywhere.If you use PVC and PUR cables, the color of the coiled cable can be coordinated with the color of the object in most cases. At the same time we can also supply: shielded coiled cable, coiled cable for instrumentation, coiled cable for automobile power supply, coiled cable for transformer power supply, coiled cable for large-scale electro-mechanical equipment, coiled cable for washing machine power supply.

1.PVC coiled cable: High economy, low mechanical and chemical resistance, medium elasticity. It is suitable for installation and use in light industry, computer and other occasions.

2. PUR coiled cable: Good elasticity. It has excellent mechanical and chemical properties, especially cold resistance, oil
resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. It is suitable for use in machinery manufacturing,
electric tools and other occasions. It is the best solution in most areas of application.

3. PUR shielded coiled cable: It has excellent chemical properties. Particularly resistant to cold, oil, weather, abrasion and
tearing. The spiral overall shielding structure can resist all kinds of electromagnetic interference. Especially suitable for all
occasions requiring minimal installation space, such as medical treatment, semiconductor, and chips.

Coiled Cable Materials
Coiled cable from Shanghai Fengy Cable is available with the following materials:
Conductor:fine strands copper wire, oxygen-free copper wire
Conductor Insulation:TPE/PE/PVC/TPE-E
Wrapping tape:Special non-woven wrap cushioning
Outer jacket material:TPU/PUR/TPE-E/PVC
Shield:tinned copper/aluminum foil wrapped shield
Outer sheath color:Black/White/Orange/Purple (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements).
Working temperature: cold resistance-35℃; temperature resistance within +90℃
Production range: Standard section: 0.03~4 square meters (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements).
Number of cores: 1~37 (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements).

Coiled cable production process
A. Linear material preparation
1. Stranded core conductor as required (single wire diameter, number of wires, material-bare copper, copper foil wire, tinned
copper, etc.)
2. Pull core wire (core wire ID size, core wire color, material PVC, PP, PE)
3. Twisted core wire (single pair, twisted pair, paired pair)
4. Whether to add a ground wire
5. Whether to add reinforced core (filled rope, cotton thread, nylon wire, yellow bladder wire, plastic rope, etc.)
6. Whether to add a shielding layer and waterproof layer (aluminum foil shielding paper, waterproof, moisture-proof paper)
7. Add winding layer as required (bare copper, tinned copper, aluminum foil wire)
8. Outer quilt (PVC, PU, TPU, PUR)

B. Spring wire baking
1.Wrap the wire on the coil, control the length of the coil, the length of both ends
2. Fix both ends with clamps, set the angle as required (90 degrees, 180 degrees)
3.Arrange the shelves,
4.Push in the oven and heat up (temperature)
5.Constant temperature setting, (setting time)
6. Cooling, (air cooling, water cooling)
7. Go offline,
8.Reverse line
9.Measure, tie, bundle (arrange, trim, and pack as required)


Packing & Delivery


Carton and strong wooden drum

Our Service


spiral cable,TPU/PUR cable, flexibile drag chain cable, oil resistant and abrasion resistant cable,special rotor cable,elevator cable,photovoltaic cable, low smoke zero halogen cable,crane trolly cable,drum equipment cable,wind turbine cable,automotive circuit anti explosion anti aging cable,flame-retardant cable,fire resistant cable,servo machine cable,power cable,CCC,VDE,UL,CE certificate cable and related 20 series 1000kinds cable.


Give your requirements to us➟we recommend the suitable cables for you➟samples is free if we have stock,if not,we could customize it then charging some cost for sample.The samples'fee will return to you when we got your order more than 1000USD.

Usually,samples will provide within 3 days.if you need to customize then we need 1-2 weeks.


We accept bank transfer,Paypal and West union.,if in some other way please check with us.

If it is our quality problem then we will afford the freight for you to replce the cables.

Production and testing equipment more than 100 sets,
R&D engineers: 12
management teams all have more thn ten years; work experience in cable industry.

Working shop and FAQ


Q 1: I didn't find my needed model in this page.
Answer: Dear Friends, ecatalog will emailed to you asap when you contact with us. Also, we supply customization service. So, contact us !

Q 2: What's your Minimum Order Quantity?
Answer: Normally, 300m, but we also accept 100m order.

Q 3: When can I get the price and what's the validity?
Answer: usually within one day.Validity is 30 days

Q 4: What's your payment terms?
Answer: By T/T 30% in advance ; Balance 70% before shipment. Now you can pay through Alibaba company to our Alibaba sub-account.

Q 5: What's your delivery time?
Answer: It depends on whether we just have the stock for your type. Or, it takes about 10 - 30 days for normal orders.

Q 6: What's your package method ?
Answer: Usually, it's cartons, and for big cable, we use wooden drum.

Any other questions please contact with us freely:)

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