carbon fiber PA12 polyamide powder nylon12 CF sls powder compatible with desktop SLS printer Sintratec, sinterit (1600698965854)

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Product Overview


About product

Material introduction
PA12 is a polyamide powder with a particle size of 45-55 microns.It is a versatile thermoplastic with excellent properties. Tough, stable, temperature and chemically resistant, it is capable of withstanding a variety of environmental conditions faced by end-use components. Fast and economical for short production runs it is frequently used to replace injection moulded parts.

Key features:
◆high resistance to chemicals, environmental conditions and shocks
◆ low water absorption, high workability
◆ good wear resistance and slippage

cars or aviation, artificial limbs, insoles, sporting goods, buckle, movable hinges and so on

PA12-GF SP304
Glass Fiber PA12 SP304is reinforced with glass beads creating parts with higher stiffness and thermal stability than standard
nylon. It is a combination of polyamide powder (PA12) and glass fibers. It is more durable and has a higher resistance than standard nylon
It allows for creating complex structures and stiff functional parts. It has a high thermal capability and is commonly used in the automotive and construction industry. It is not advisable for detailed parts.

PA12-CF SP305
PA12 CF is a high performing PA12-based powder.
Its main features are well balanced light weight and strength ratio, high mechanical properties stiffness and electrical
conductivity PA12-CF SP305 is excellent for high demanding applications for the motorsport, the aeronautical and space industry and for parts aiming to replace metal. The powder is dark gray so it makes it also suitable for SLS 3d printer.

PA6 composite powder is a polyamide powder with a particle size of 40-60 microns. It is suitable for printing objects with more details and it is hard and extremly durable under adverse conditions. Its mechanical strength and heat resistance are better than PA12. Which makes it the perfect material and functional protoytpes or end-use parts. PA6 composite powder is applicable to SLS, with good particle size disrtibution and powder liquidity.

Key features
◆uperior mechanical performance
◆softening point, good heat resistance
◆ smooth surface ,low friction coefficient good wear resistance

Mechanical Parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, as well as chemical, electrical, instrumentation.

PA6-GF SP304
With glass bead fiber modified, PA powder has good Performance features:
1.Easy processing,less warpage
2.Good wear resistance.
3.High thermal deformation temperature.
4.Excellent dimensional stability.

It can be applicated in high strength products., complex model parts,automobile, medical, industrial.

Silver3D SLS Printing Powder Data Sheet
Packed Density
0.65 g/cm3
Particle Size (D50)
55 μm
50 μm
45 μm
65 μm
62 μm
Part Density
1.14 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
48 MPa
65 MPa
64 MPa
59 MPa
Tensile Modulus
1350 MPa
2950 MPa
Elongation at Break
25 %
8.9 %
4 %
15 %
5 %
Flexural Strength
44 MPa
61 MPa
85 MPa
75 MPa
75 MPa
Flexural Modulus
1280 MPa
2340 MPa
2800 MPa
1450 MPa
6500 MPa
Izod Impact Strength (Unnotched)
25 KJ/m2
36 KJ/m2
18 KJ/m2
30 KJ/m2
15 KJ/m2
zod Impact Strength (Notched)
8.7 KJ/m2
Melting Temperature (Powder) 
185 ℃
185 ℃
186 ℃
198 ℃
198 ℃
Melting Temperature (Sintered Parts)
178 ℃
178 ℃
178 ℃
193 ℃
193 ℃
Notice:The data contained in this document is based on trials carried out by our Research Centers. Properties are dependant upon process conditions and mechine used, so these figures are only given for information.

TPU 85A&90A (SP501&SP502)
TPU is a soft engineered powder developed for the SLS technology. Its unique characteristics are high
elongation, excellent physical properties combined with a rubber-like elasticity and good abrasive as well as chemical
resistance.Due to its lower printing temperature, energy and time savings are possible. The good recycling rate of TPU implies a high cost advantage.

Printing work

Having question about printing?
Sliver Age has experienced technical professionals providing customers with 24/7 sales technical consulting on-site technology support and quality defect analysis.Technical service team in Silver Age will offer you the optimum solution with their significant technical experience.

Production and R & D strength

manufacturing technique

up-to-date machines and high-standard production process and large production capacity
Double quality control in raw materials, filament diameter,tolerance to ensure the compatibility of 3D printing filament

Performance Test of Product

Professional mechanical testing
Make sure 3D printing product can be applied in special situation.
Printing test for filament
NO drawing when printing, NO bubble when heating, excellent interlayer adhesion

High-precision machine and excellent research team

ABOUT TEAM: Silver 3D research team includes 1 professor,4 associate professors,and 1 doctoral supervisor with average of 10 years
research experience in the field of 3D printing. They had successively presided over 7 national and provincial projects.
laser diameter gauge: To ensure filament diameter control, diameter error within± 0.02 mm achieving grade A quality.
Differential scanning calorimeter: To monitors the melting point. crystallization temperature of every batch.
Spectrometer: To accurately customize filament color for customers.
Laser particle size analyzer: To realize particle size distribution control.


About Silver 3D

Silver Age Sci&Tech Co.Ltd was founded in Dongguan, Guangdong Province in 1997 and listed on the Shenzhen
Stock Exchange in 2011. It is a national high-tech enterprise committed to provide customers with professional solutions in the field of materials.

Silver Age has more than 1300 employees and 5 main production bases focusing on high-performance polymer materials. In order to adhere the principle of "let material change life " , Silver Age always sticks to innovation and creation introducing talents for building a strong R&D team , mature production technology and expanding sales network. After years of development, Silver Age has become the Chinese leading enterprise in the business of 3D printing (materials R&D, production, printing services and sales).

company culture

company reunion dinner
internal football team
3D printer donation activity

Global Exhibition


1.Q: Can you provide customize service,such as color, package?
A: Yes, we support customization in color, logo,weight, package. Any you need just contact with us !
2.Q: What's your payment term?
A: We usually use T/T. ( 30% T/T in advance as deposit, 70% balance payment before shipment.) .If you want pay in other way,
please contact us.
3.Q: How about the lead time for the mass production?
A: Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order.
4.Q: How do you control your quality of raw material?
A: We promise use high quality raw materials for processing and production,we do not use
recycled material, nozzle materials and secondary processing material to make sure you have a good user experience .
5.Q: Do you offer guarantee or after-sales service for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 1 year warranty for our products.If you have any problem with the product, you can send a message to us. We help you solve the problem immediately during the work day.
6.Q: As for the shipment?
A: Express, air or sea are available.
For more question, please contact our sales staff (messages are as followed↓). It's our pleasure to offer you more service!

Information for contact more:
Company: GuangDong Silver Age Sci. & Tech.Co., Ltd.
Add: NanGe Industrial Zone, DaoJiao Town, DongGuan, GuangDong, China.
Sales specialist: Rachel Jiang
TEl.: +86-19866813320(whatsapp)
E-mail: [email protected]
Wechat: Jh127109

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