Commercial Custom Plateau special purpose Gas Rice Food Steamer cabinet Cart with trolley

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Large commercial steamer Integrated bun steam room Stainless steel trolley steamer Large-scale steamed bun steaming room,also called trolley-type steamer, is a large-scale kitchen cooking equipment that uses boiler steam to heat rice, steamed buns,rice cakes and other foods.

The working principle of the large trolley steamer: When the whole food is pushed into the box, close the two doors of the steamer, lock the door handle,and then turn on the switch to heat the water in the water tank to generate steam, which passes through the lower part of the steamer from bottom to top Heat and steam food evenly.

Electric steam luxury models can set time, set temperature, water shortage alarm, wake-up function, and heat preservation function.The gas model does not have the above functions.

Steam engine type one-button start, water shortage protection, flameout protection, over temperature protection, over pressure protection, fault self-check function Large steam rooms are mostly used in large hotels, central kitchens, fast food distribution centers, schools and factory canteens, individual steamed bun workshops and other units with high output demand.

In addition to steaming rice, steamed buns, and buns, the cart-style steamer can also be used for steaming meat, steaming Chinese medicinal materials, seafood, stew, and grain fermentation to make wine. Steam cabinet supporting equipment: 12 trays trolley cabinet, 15 trays trolley cabinet, 24 trays trolley cabinet, 30 trays trolley cabinet, 36 trays trolley cabinet, 48 trays trolley cabinet, 60 trays trolley cabinet, etc., electric heating Or connected to a steam generator, both can be connected to an external steam.

Door number
Single door / Double door
Tray number
12/24/30/36/48/60/72 Trays
Tray size
Tray volume
3kg/tray (food like rice)
Steaming time
40 mins or more
Overall dimension
Different sizes according to specifications

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