FUJI Elevators Escalator Cheap Home Escalator 30 35 Inclination Escalators (1600701806389)

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Product Overview


Products Description

304 Stainless Steel
Control system
VVVF Drive
Machine room
Accept customization
Safety Device
Safety Gear
Energy Saving
More Than 50%
Hotel/Apartment/Office Building/Hospital/ Mall
For specific details, please consult customer service / the specific size is subject to the site

Other Optional Types

Moving Walk
Freight Elevator

Passenger Elevator
Sightseeing Elevator

Our Advantages

Asia FUJI series escalator and sidewalk can automatically monitor the operating status of the escalator and sidewalk with advanced microcomputer control systems and self-diagnosis devices. Once faults or abnormalities are found, they will be displayed on the digital tube in real time, which fully protects stable and reliable operation of escalator and sidewalk.

Asia FUJI series of escalator and moving walk uses the same manufacturing process. All safety devices and electrical safety requirements fully comply with GB16899 and international EN115 safety technology standards and the strict safety guidelines of FUJI elevator.

Special Customization
We can produce customized elevators according to your requirements to cater to your buildings or decoration needs.

1. Humanized board protects the brush function; it further protects the safety of passengers.
2. With uniquely shaped handrail entry device, like a "protective hand", effectively prevents foreign objects from entering the handrail drive area, making the operation of escalators and sidewalks safer and more reliable.
3. Automatic lubrication system with stable performance and good lubrication conditions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; prolong the service life.

Unique regional advantages and strong technical force
Fuji Elevator in Asia has been established for decades. Based on the high-tech industry, Fuji Elevator has experienced many changes in the elevator industry. Fuji Elevator is still in the front end of the elevator industry, constantly improving technology and services, and has become a leader in the elevator industry. Fuji Elevator Asia specializes in the sale of mechanical and electrical special equipment. Our products cover all kinds of Fuji series elevator products and services, such as passenger elevator, escalator, sidewalk, cargo elevator, dining elevator, etc.

Safety & Reliability
Asia FUJI elevator put passengers safety at first,the elevator networking is incorporated into the Internet platform,all information of the elevator can be querried, maintained and managed.

The High-operating Efficiency
It is a major technological breakthrough for AC elevator that the high-speed operation of FUJI Elevator. With distribution and data comparison device, which automatically adjusts according to the flow of people to make the elevator run evenly and comfortably, further improving the elevator's operating efficiency.

Sample Projects

Hot Products

Company Profile

About Us
We help world-class companies improve the efficiency and traveling comfort in terms of elevator operation.A joint-stock enterprise that integrates the research and development, design, production, sales and installation and maintenance of various elevators, located in Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, with a total area of 200,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.3 billion RMB, which is a key investment project of Linyi City in 2005.

High-end Intellegent Control System
The use of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and microcomputers has greatly reduced the size of the control cabinet, regardless of floor height, using only a small-sized control cabinet. Adopting dual 32-bit parallel central processing units for high-speed processing, Asia Fuji's most advanced double closed-loop system ensures high precision and fast response control in both the highest and lowest speed ranges.
Technical Advanced Electrophoresis
We have 14 electrophoresis pools, one-time molding, the appearance of electrophoresis-treated products coated more flat, high corrosion resistance, good water resistance, and chemical resistance, especially in coastal areas with humid air and high chlorine molecule content, which is very corrosive to the equipment.

Certificated & National Approved Manufacturer

Asia Fuji Elevator has experienced more than ten years of wind and rain, and has obtained the 3A qualification certificate of one-stop service of production, manufacturing, installation and maintenance approved by the state. It has passed the ISO certification of the International Organization for Standardization and obtained CE GB/T 19001-2016/ISO9001: 2015. ISO45001:2018GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 system certification certificate.

Production process

Production Facilities
Since 2016, Asia Fuji Elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd. (Linyi Production Base) has formally put into production, and took the lead in constructing the elevator LOT system and realizing robotic automated production,all information of the elevator can be querried, maintained and managed.Became a leading company in the industry.
Total Production Capacity
Domestic Capacity: 2000 Units
Overseas Capacity: 3000 Units

Product packaging

After-Sales service

1. Provide all-round elevator solutions
We have several professional team working for on-site installation locally in Ethiopia, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, etc, if you need on-site installation, we could send our team to your place to do installation work and train your operators for future maintenance.
2. local professional elevator engineers
You can also ask the local professional elevator engineers to do this job if you get good relationship one, this may help you save money for as well.
3. On-site Installation Support
We could send our engineers to customer place to do elevator on-site installation supports and guidance
4. 24 hours online service
Of course, you can get on-line support from our factory by 24h*7 days at any time.


Q1.Why choose us?
A:Asia Fuji Elevator is a joint-stock enterprise integrating elevator R & D, design, production, sales,
installation and maintenance. Famous brand, already be confirmed by many customers Domestic and overseas Sample projects are customers voice for our quality.

Q2. What information is absolutely needed before asking for price?
A:1. How many persons? ( 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg etc..)
2. How many floors/ stops/ doors?
3. What’s the shaft size? (width by depth)
4. Is there a machine room on the top of shaft?

. How can we guarantee the good quality of your products?
A:In during the production process we will inspect all purchased and produced parts and take a record after put in crates, before shipping out we will do the final inspection and mock up the cabin and sling set, this part take photo and video as record to make customer being at ease.

Q4: What's the payment term?
A:30% in advance, 70% after customers inspection, before loading

Q5. What about the packaging?
A:All elevator parts will be packed into solid wooden cases. Some parts will be wrapped by the film so that guarantee the machinery part not be destroyed after long time transportation.

Q6. How to do with the elevator installation and maintenance?
A: We can send engineers to guide the installation and then train the workers about maintenance in the future. But in most situations, local workers can finish this work with our guidebooks and technology support, or you can ask the local professional elevator engineers to do this job, This can save much money for our customer. Of course, you can get s
upport from our factory at any time.

Q7 . What's your guarantee time?
A:We can provide 18 months guarantee period, during this time, we will send free replacements to you. our service has no time limit.

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