wheat maize storage steel silos temperature monitoring sensors cables

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Product Overview


wheat maize storage steel silos temperature monitoring sensors cables  


Product Description:

Temperature Monitoring System is the key component of grain storage control system, it is very important to keep the stored grains at the right temperature and prevent spoilage, loss of value.  Temperature is the important factor to affect the grain quality. The temperature changes of stored products will indicate that there are problems inside the grain storage silosWhenever grain rots or when there is a pest problem, the temperature in the silos will rise to indicate there is a problem. Shelley Brand temperature monitoring system is capable of measuring temperature changes inside the silos to enhance real time temperature monitoring. 










1 set




1 set


Temperature measuring software


1 set




1 set




4 sets


Extension of humidity measuring


2 sets


Temperature monitoring cables


60 pcs

Each silos have 6 temperature measuring lines, each line have 8 temperature measuring points.

humidity sensor



11 pcs




Technical data of Equipment:

Temperature measuring range:-30℃----+70 ℃            

Humidity measuring range:20---99% RH

        Temperature measurement resolution ratio:0.2℃                     

Humidity measurement resolution ratio:1% RH

        Temperature measurement error: ±1℃                      

Humidity measurement error:±5% RH

        Temperature measurement cable tension:  Not less than 2.5 tons.



Function introduction:

1),Host and extension are using 485 long distance communications technologies.

2),Extension and sensor inside of silo will adopt advanced digital one-wire bus technology

3),Imported digital temperature sensor.

4),Intelligent system fault self-checking.

5),Programming interface is simple.

6),Have the data analysis tool of Temperature curve, Temperature scatter-plot chart, column type chart etc.

7),Temperature and humidity limit alarm. Daytime temperature limit alarm. temperature rise temperature rise

8),The special initial point for silo alarm can prevent the false alarm which is caused by the great variation of temperature.

9),Simultaneously detect temperature & humidity of grain.

10),Support circular measurement, at any time refresh measure temperature& humidity.

11),Support continuous level indicator, ventilation control function.

12),Support cable/wireless data transmission.

 temperature monitoring 01.jpg


Device introduction:

Temperature testing Cable: The temperature line has three or two cores inside, usage: convey signal and power.



the sensor is exported from USA DALLAS 18B20, as a key component, it is high quality and sensitive.




the extension can insert 8-16 testing lines, generally speaking, we install one extension on per silo roof,

Its function is receiving and gathering the signal, then conveys the signal to display terminal.

Because the long distance between extension and display terminal, we have two connect ways: wireless and wire.

The wireless technical is mature and it need not power, because it can produce power by itself, it use solar power.

At the same time, even though the extension is on the roof, it still can avoid the lightning, after lightning, it will refresh to work.


Entire Connection schematic




Testing Process

 testing process.png



1.2.jpg04.jpg_202106101546084.jpgtemperature monitoring 02.jpg


company information

Grain storage silos (also called grain storage bins) are the efficient and economical facilities to handle your grains, which offer protection from outside insects and other affects as well as provide handling management conveniently. Shelley Engineering is the professional steel grain silos designer and manufacturer dedicated in supplying turn key grain storage and handling solutions to worldwide customers. We have more than 30 talented grain storage solutions experts and 9,000 square meters state-of-the-art factory.  Our innovative, high-quality flat bottom silos, hopper bottom silos, powder silos, feed silos, bucket elevators, dust collectors and grain storage control system are integrated as a system to satisfy your grain storage requirements. All of our steel silos can be designed and installed with heat retaining layer to meet your special insulated grain storage demands. Product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to worldwide customers. We had been provided grain storage silos, solutions and services for over 50 countries since our foundation by Shelley Jin in 2007. Hope to become your partners.

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Cornor of Our TSE Factory

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Why Choose Us

Q1: What certifications do you have?

A1: ISO certification, BV certification and CE certification.

Q2: What is the export customs code of your product?

A2: 7309000000

Q3. What is your payment method?

A3: 30% advance payment for foreign projects, full delivery.

Q4.Can you do custom design and production?

A4: The selection of prefabricated steel silos is fixed, and the diameter cannot be changed. If other silos such as flour silos, cement silos, and square silos are required, they can be customized for production.

Q5. About installation, how to install? How much is the installation fee?

A5: Abroad: Generally 1-2 people guide the installation, each person 100 dollars per day.

Q6: What materials are used for your steel warehouse?

A6: At the top of the warehouse, the barrel is a galvanized steel sheet, the cone bottom with a diameter of 4.5m is galvanized sheet, and the cone bottom with a diameter of 4.5 to 11m is a carbon steel sheet.


Q7: Can you provide supporting equipment? What can be provided?

A7: Yes. Cleaning equipment includes cleaning screen, vibrating screen, scraping machine ,dust removal equipment, and conveying equipment including hoist, scraper, belt conveyor, and screw conveyor.


Please call me,lets talk more. 




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