hot sale copper wire scarp Electrolytic Copper Cathode 99.99% Brass Plate Soft beryllium copper sheet (1600703063415)

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A purplish red metal with weak activity, copper elemental insoluble in non-oxidizing acids. Ductile, high thermal and electricalconductivity, diamagnetic, durable, and copper flame is green. Copper is a non-ferrous metal and has many uses. Mainly used inpower, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction,
national defense industry and other fields

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C11000 Copper Heat Pipe Tube Manufacturers
GB/T17791-2007,GB/T1527-2006, GB/T18033-2007, YS/T450-2002ASTM B280,ASTM B68,ASTM B75,ASTM B88
EN12735,AS1571,JIS H3300
Soft (M), half soft (M2) and half hard (Y2)
Individually Sealed Bylastic Bags or Heat Shrinkable Packaging,Wooden Pallet or Carton Box of 3-20 Coils
Water tube, Air condition or Refrigerator, Water heater
Water and Heater Tube,Condenser,Industry
Electric appliance,Machinery and etc

highquality coppered tubed astm c1100 with Corrosion resistance and heat dissipation performance

Pure copper is a tough, soft, malleable purplish-red and shiny metal, also known as red copper. One gram of copper can be drawn
into a 3,000 meter long filament, or pressed into more than 10 square meters of nearly transparent copper foil. Pure copper has
high electrical and thermal conductivity,
second only to silver, but copper is much cheaper than silver. Copper is similar in color to gold, but red, and hydrated copper
ions are blue.Copper metal has some toxicity, because it is not soluble, the toxicity is much less than soluble copper salt,
copper processed by
a specific process is not toxic. Copper is stable in dry air and can maintain metallic luster.

The total heat transfer coefficient of a metal depends on other factors besides its thermal conductivity. In most cases, the film
heat dissipation coefficient, rust and metal surface condition. Stainless steel can keep the surface clean, so its heat transfer
is better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity.

Production process introduction
FPC copper plate requirements of ductility and can withstand the better bending fracture, and some will of electroplating copperFPC products, roughness in its electroplated nickel, even after the gold with 100 times the microscope examination is rough. FPC
copper plate requirements of ductility and can withstand the better bending fracture, and some will of electroplating copper FPC
products, roughness in its electroplated nickel, even after the gold with 100 times the microscope examination is rough.
Chemistry sink copper The deep hole wall on the surface of all substrates can be well covered;Superior performance for HARB's,
base plate and blind hole;Extremely prominent hole wall binding force;The new generation of activators can be made to work at very
low concentrations (30 ppm);Suitable for vertical and horizontal plating; J-KEM chemical copper deposition is the best process for
flexible printed circuit boards: economical.

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The price of the product is closely related to the quality of the product itself. We have our own factory and 17 years of steelproduction experience, and our company has occupied most of the spot market in Shandong these years. This is what we can promiseyou.

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The main uses of deformed steel bar
The main uses of copper pipe It is widely used in industry. Including electrical industry, machinery manufacturing,
transportation, construction and otheraspects. At present, copper in the electrical and electronic industry in this field is mainly used in the manufacture of wires,
communication cables and other finished products such as motors, generator rotors and electronic instruments, instruments,etc.,this part of the consumption of about half of the total industrial demand.

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