Высоковольтный тестер HV, многофункциональный прибор для измерения последовательности фаз, беспроводной трехфазный Измеритель последовательности (1600703171980)

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Weshine Electric High Voltage Electroscope AC Transmission Line Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector

Wireless phase detector high voltage phase nuclear detector is used to detect whether the two sides of the circuit breaker are in the same phase at the closed-loop point of the loop network or dual power network. The phase inspection operation must be carried out before closing the two power sources, otherwise short circuit may occur.

The wireless phase detector high voltage phase nuclear detector is suitable for the live detection phase operation of 6KV ~ 220KV transmission lines, and has the functions of high voltage electricity test and phase sequence verification.

The Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector adopts wireless transmission technology, safe and reliable operation, easy to use, overcoming many shortcomings of wired nuclear phase device, in line with the national power safety equipment quality supervision and inspection standards.
Compared with wired nuclear phaser, its main advantage is to remove the wire connecting the two ends of the power grid (power supply), the use is not limited by any terrain and facility structure, improved security.

Working Principle:
The wireless phase detector high voltage phase nuclear detector consists of X emitter, Y emitter and receiving host. Two detection transmitters can determine whether the line is live, and then send measured phase and frequency signals. The receiving host receives the signal from the two detection transmitters to determine whether the two lines are in the same phase.

Safety Matters

1. During the field test, the operator shall operate according to the safety distance standard of high voltage test of the power department.

2, the standard configuration of insulation rod 3 meters, the corresponding voltage level is ≤ 220kV. If the line voltage is higher than 220KV, use an insulation rod with a length greater than 3 meters.

3. When the inspection phase is operated, the hand-held position should not exceed the position of the insulation rod handle.

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Product Name
wireless phase detector high voltage phase nuclear detector
Operating Temperature
Phase difference accuracy
error ≤5°
Maximum transmission line-of-sight
100 meter
Frequency accuracy
Storage environment


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