160ml 248ml 330ml cold and hot fresh juice glass cup for male

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Product Overview




Item: Glass juice cups (165ml)
Material: Soda lime glass
Capacity: 160ml or 248ml or 330ml
Size: 440*297*250(mm)
Weight: 14.00kgs
Quantity: 72 pieces/box
Uses: gifts/souvenirs/premiums/welfare



1 Lead-free cadmium-free food grade soda lime glass
2 Men's Special Glass Juice Cups
3 Cups and two sections of tapered stacked glasses, more convenient storage, saving space
4 Vertical stripe glass surface, high refractive index, more aesthetic
5 Striped glass, more hand-feeling, and also has the function of heat insulation and anti-scalding
6 Machine pressing, one-piece molding, no handle
7 Colors and capacity can be customized


How to select glass juice cup?
1 The material of the glass is ordinary soda lime glass, crystal glass, high boron, or tempered glass
2 The grade of glass material color, light transmittance, no blue or yellow phenomenon after long-term use
3 Whether the thickness of the glass is uniform and how heavy it is, usually the thicker the glass, the stronger the drop resistance
4 The shape of the glass, the more complex the appearance, the more novel the higher the cost
5 The smoothness of the edge of the glass does not scratch or hurt hands
6 The less textures on the glass surface, the less the better, the less the air bubbles and the amount of sand in the glass, the less the better, the smaller the better
7 Glass coloring process, color fastness, oxide color mixing, high temperature spraying
8 The production process of glass cups, machine pressing and manual blowing
9 Glass post-processing technology, laser, decal, printing, etc.


1 Do not use something harder than glass to clean the glass, such as steel wool
2 Do not microwave, or directly heat the ceramic/induction cooker


1 Standard product no MOQ
2 The damage rate during transportation exceeds 3%, and the part exceeding 3% is jointly borne by the logistics company, the customer and us in proportion
3 From product development, LOGO to packaging, we can customize
4 Our customers, hotel project providers, wholesalers, gift merchants, supermarket customers, home life museums, wine merchant customers, e-commerce customers



1, Can I start cooperation by small orders with you?

Yes, no MOQ for new client and that we have enough stocks in 10000 square meters warehouse in GZ for small order


2, Can I get OEM, ODM service?

Yes. the quantity for OEM and ODM is negotiable and that price depends on quantity


3, What business partner do you have?

Libbey Glass (USA)

STOLZLE (Germany)



4, Do you have handmade glass production line?

Yes, we have 2 production base, one more than 200 workers homemade glass factory in ChongQing


5, May I be your brand distributors, agent, even sole agent in our country?

Yes, all these are welcome and agent is best for us, while sole agent has requirement for an annual turnover


6, What is the shipping breakage rate of your glass products, and after the damage rate exceeds the minimum compensation standard, how to share the cost?

3% of shipping breakage rate can be paid by us and over it, all costs need to share by us, logistics and your company according to situation


Company Information

Guangzhou HX Glass Co., Ltd. established in 1997, has 25 years of professional experience in the production and sales of glass products, with 2 production bases, 800 employees, 50 professional designers and craftsmen. The company's products are rich in raw materials, diverse in production processes, and complete in categories and colors. The number of new products developed is more than 100 a year, and the total production capacity is as high as 120,000,000 pieces per year, with a value of more than 50 million US dollars.


HEXIE has obtained GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 certification, and our company own brand HEXIEGLASS is well-known at home and abroad, serving more than 500 professional glass customers around the world, and its products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East.


The company's complete mechanism and artificial glass production line, strong finished product warehousing and global logistics system, can provide customers with OEM/ODM services and one-stop procurement solutions for glass products.

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