Custom Covered 55km Lithium Battery E Mountain Bike Fat Tire Electric Bicycle With Headlight

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  • Electric Bike For Adults 

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We promise that we will never use any used parts, including used motors, used batteries, etc..

Aluminum alloy
Product net weight
Product gross weight
Max speed
Full-battery endurance
Assist endurance
Lithium battery
Max load capacity
Shock absorption system
Front hydraulic shock absorber system
Brake system
Front and rear dual disc brakes
Led display
Speed, kilometers, gear, battery
Light system
Adapter rated output voltage
Lithium Battery
Charge time
Waterproof & dustproof rating
speed sensor
Shimano 7 speed

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Safety Light

Product Usage

Usage Tips
1. Low carbon travel to protect the environment Electric scooters do not produce any carbon emissions; The carbon emissions of riding electric scooters are lower than walking and bicycling.
2. Improve travel efficiency Electric scooters can be combined with a variety of travel tools for transportation travel, the advantage of electric scooters can be carried around, so the flexibility to modify the travel route, so that travel efficiency is greatly improved.
3. Relaxation and physical exercise. Electric bike riding can play the role of exercise, not only to help people relax the body but also to help the absorption of oxygen and nutrients.

Electric Bike Care
1. The wheel shaft screw needs to be tightened once a year;
2. The wheel brake screws need to be tightened once every six months and adjusted appropriately;
3. The tire pressure needs to be checked once every 2 years, and the tire should be replaced once every 6 years;
4. Maintain the controller circuit, whether there is looseness, falling off, etc.;
5. For the maintenance of the battery, charge it regularly and do not discharge it frequently;
6. Maintenance of electrical equipment, speakers, headlights, display screens, etc.


Company Introduction

Invanti Technology Co., Ltd found in 2012. It is a modern comprehensive national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales in the field of smart travel for short-term transportation.

Laying out overseas markets
Actively explore the unknown markets, products are exported to many countries in Europe, Asia, America, etc. Obtain preliminary cooperation intention with Amazon in 2021. In 2022, focus on the development of overseas markets to create a comprehensive development pattern of international markets.
Excellent corporate reputation
Our products have an international reputation and won the German iF Industrial Design Award, the CES8 2018 Electronic Future Trend Award and the most creative product. The company has obtained AAA- level credit enterprise certification and l national high-tech enterprise certificate, and its current business conditions are good.

A complete product range
The company attaches great importance to product research and development, continuously optimizes product styles, increases product functions, develops a series of products, and enriches the product line according to the needs of different customers. Ten new product lines are expected to be developed this year, covering hoverboards, electric scooters and electric-assisted bicycles.
Rich experience
We have been cooperating with superb factories such as FEISHEN, SUNWODA, and TIANJINFUSHIDA E-VEHICLE CO., LTD for many years, with a professional production process and top quality. Currently, Invanti is the sole supplier of Lenovo's intelligent short-distance transportation products. In 2021, we became the high-quality strategic partner of the HUAWEI HarmonyOS system. This year, we will continue to expand our strategic partnerships with leading companies.
Excellent patent technology
The company has obtained more than 100 patented technologies, including more than 30 core patented technologies, and has established a professional R & D team to constantly overcome technical difficulties and develop new products. Ensure that the products take the leading position in the field of market research and development technology so that agents and distributors take the initiative in the market.


1. Do not buy electric bicycles that have not obtained the CCC certification. The listing procedures must be reviewed and registered by the traffic management department of the public security organ before driving on the road.

2. According to the law of our country, you must be at least 12 years old to ride a bicycle on the road; you must be at least 16 years old to ride an electric bicycle.

3. Wear a helmet when driving an electric car. In case of an accident, the helmet can well protect the head from damage.

4. Before driving an electric bicycle, check the condition of the vehicle to ensure that the reflective signs are intact and the brakes can be used normally and effectively.

5. Hold the handlebars with both hands, pay attention to observe the surrounding conditions; slow down before turning, reach out your hand to signal or turn on the turn signal in advance, and do not make sudden turns.

6. Stay away from moving motor vehicles and avoid being knocked down by the suddenly opened motor vehicle door.

7. When passing an intersection or crossing a motor vehicle lane, you should walk on the zebra crossing, and pay attention to the passing vehicles, get off and push.

8. When riding at night, turn on the lights of the electric vehicle, and do not use high beams or excessively bright lights.

9. When driving on rainy days, it is best to wear a yellow raincoat to avoid traffic accidents to the greatest extent.

10. Abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, and do not run red lights, do not drive in the wrong direction, do not use motor vehicle lanes, and do not answer phone calls when driving electric vehicles.

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