Hot Fujifilm Photo Paper Instax Wide Photo Paper Photo Paper 5 inch Wide Edge Film Double Pack WIDE Format Wide300

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Film:
1、Screen size:99*62mm
2、Photo paper size:108*86mm
3、Approximately 20 seconds of imaging in about 2 minutes
4、Suitable for:instax wide-format cameras wide-format cameras(WIDE 300\\WIDE 210)
5、Quantity:10 sheets per pack(2 packs in total)

Compatible Model:
1、instax Camera WIDE series
2、instax Mobile Photo printer WIDE series

1、To ensure film quality, please use the film under 5° ~ 40° weather condition.
2、 If you take photo under cold weather, please put the photo in your pocket for about 30s warming up.
3、 Avoid direct sun light to the photo before image emerges. Please don't press, fold or rub the photo.
4、 Please keep the film it in cool and dry place where children couldn't reach.
5、 If you touch inner material of film unconsciously, please wash your skin clean water immediately. Should it get into
your eyes, please see the doctor right after you clean it.

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