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Product Overview


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Portable Surface Roughness Tester JD520 is a high accuracy instrument for measuring surface roughness. It can be used on variety of machining parts and operates on various surfaces, not only flat but also outer cone, outer cylinder, curved, pinholes, grooves, recesses grooves and axle etc.


Portable Surface Roughness Tester JD520 allows surface roughness measurement both on metal and non-metal workpieces. It is suitable for machining and manufacturing, quality control, inspection departments, especially for measurement on large and heavy workpiece, assembly line on site. The JD520 is a Non Destructive Testing instrument, damage won’t caused to testing piece.

Main Feature
Mechatronics and ergonomics design, small size, light weight, easy to operation

2. The stylus drive unit can be stored within the main unit for standard measurement, or separated from the display unit by using the supplied cable which allows more flexible measurement in any orientation. The driver can be separated and reattached in one simple step.

3. DSP chip control and data processing, high speed, low power consumption

4. 22 Parameters: Ra ,Rz, Rq, Rt, Rp ,Rv, R3z, R3y, Rz(JIS), Rs, Rsk, Rsm, Rku, Rmr, Ry(JIS), Rmax,RPc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2

5. Measurement range up to 160μm (can be optional to 320μm)

6. 3.5 inches color graphic TFT touch screen, wide viewing angle, excellent readability and an intuitive rich display, it includes a backlight to improve visibility in dark environments

7. Can be operated using buttons or touch screen

8. 2.It provide Bluetooth Capability , support wireless connection with mobile and mini printer.

9. Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and control circuit, high capacity, no memory effect, it works over 50 hours while fully charged, and there is remaining charge indicator, charging hint

10. Large capacity data storage, 100 item of raw data and curves can be stored

11. Real-time clock setting and display for easy data recording and storage

12. With auto sleep, auto power off, power-saving features

13. Reliable circuit and software design to preventing the motor stuck

14. Language: Chinese and English switch freely

15. All parameters or any of the parameters which set by users can be printed

. Optional accessories: Bluetooth capability, curved sensor, pinholes sensors, measurement, stand, extension rod, printer

17. Portable Surface Roughness Tester JD520 complies with international standards ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS

Technical Specification

Measurement Range

The Z axis (vertical)

±80μm/±160 µm(enhanced model)

The X axis (Transverse)



The Z axis (vertical)





Measurement item


Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt,Rp,Rv,R3z,R3y,Rz(JIS),Rs,Rsk,Rsm,Rku,Rmr,Ry(JIS), Rmax, RPc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2)




Bearing area curve, Roughness profile, Primary profile



The sampling length(lr)

0.25, 0.8, 2.5mm

Assessment length(ln)

Ln= lr×n n=1~5


Measuring method


Stylus tip

Diamond, 90 cone angle, 5μmR



Skid part

hard alloy, skid radius of curvature: 40mm

Traversing speed

lr=0.25, Vt=0.135mm/s

lr=0.8, Vt=0. 5mm/s

lr=2. 5, Vt=1mm/s


Less than ±10%


Less than 6%

Power supply

Built-in Lithium ion battery, Charger :DC5V,3200mA

Outline dimension

Main unit: 52*55*158mm drive: 23*27*115mm

Weight(main unit)

Around 400g

working Environment

Temperature: - 20℃ ~ 40℃

Humidity: < 90% RH

Store and Transportation

Temperature: - 40℃ ~ 60℃

Humidity: < 90% RH




0.005μm ~ 30μm


0.02μm ~ 320μm


0 ~ 100%




0 ~ 100%

Standard Configration
·JD520 main unit 1 piece
·Sensor Drive 1 piece
·Standard Sensor 1 piece
·Calibration block and bracket 1 piece
·Height adapter 1 piece
·Power adapter 1 set
·Operating manual

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