Закаленное стекло для душевых кабин, 6 мм, 8 мм, 10 мм, 12 мм (1600708991194)

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Toughened (or tempered) glass is made from standard Float Glass to create an impact resistant, safety glass. The process of toughening the glass introduces tensions into the internal and surfaces of a glass panel to increase its strength and also to ensure in the case of breakages the glass shatters into small, harmless pieces of glass.

Glass has to be cut to size and shape accordingly before the toughening process, if the glass is cut afterwards it will crack and shatter. The cut float glass panels are put into a toughening furnace. Here the glass panels are heated to upward of 600 degrees C and then the surfaces are cooled rapidly with cold air. This produces tensile stresses on the surface of the glass with the warmer internal glass particles. As the top thickness of the glass cools it contracts and forces the corresponding glass elements to contract to introduce stresses into the glass panel and increasing strength.

Advantages of Tempered Glass for Your Glass Shower Door

1. Safety
If tempered safety glass breaks, it will break into small, circular pieces that are harmless. It is made to be the safest option for shower enclosures. On the other hand, normal annealed glass will break into sharp, jagged shards that are dangerous. If annealed glass breaks around you, you are much more likely to sustain injuries. This reduced risk of injury is the main reason that tempered glass is suggested for glass shower doors.

2. Durability
While it’s possible for your tempered glass shower door to break, it is extremely unlikely. Tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass because of the process through which it’s made. It is durable and can withstand even drastic wear and tear. Tempered glass is even used for windows and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Your glass shower door won’t face those extreme circumstances.

3. Damage Resistant
Again, tempered glass is strong. It does not scratch easily and is heat resistant. This safety glass is made to withstand any damage that might occur to your glass shower doors.

4. Versatility
Tempered glass can be used with any design and shower enclosure you want. While there are many different types of glass shower doors, tempered safety glass can be made to your specifications, including frosted glass, rain glass, patterned glass, etc.

5. Easy to Clean
Tempered glass is resistant to smudges and is easy to clean. With tempered glass, your glass shower doors will be looking new for years to come.

Tempered glass/ Toughened glass
Glass window, railing, partition wall, shower door etc.
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Custom size
Flat/ Curved
Tempering, polishing, drilling, etching etc.
Meet Europe and America CE and SGCC certified

Tempered Glass Holes and Notches Processing

Holes and notches in tempered glass, should be located within specified areas per this image.

Glass Edge to Hole Rim: The minimum distance from the rim of a hole to the nearest edge of the glass must be ¼” or 2 x glass thickness, whichever is greater. Tolerance for location of hole from specified edge is ±1/16”.

Minimum Distance Between Holes: The minimum distance between the rims of adjacent holes must be 3/8” or 2 x glass thickness, whichever is greater. Tolerance for dimension between hole centers is ± 1/16”.

Glass Corners to Nearest Rim of Hole: Holes in the vicinity of a corner must be positioned so that the nearest edge of the hole is a minimum distance from the corner of 6.5 x the glass thickness.

Hole Dimensions:
The minimum dimension of a hole should be at least 1/16″ larger than the thickness of the glass. The maximum dimension of the hole should not be more than 1/3 the narrowest dimension of the piece.

Notches and Cutouts:
All must have a fillet with radius equal to, or greater than the thickness of the glass.

Glass Thickness
The minimum diameter of holes
Distance from edge of the hole to the edge of the glass
The distance between rims of holes
Distance from corner to the rim of holes
Minimum fillet radius

All fabrication that penetrates the glass surface (i.e., holes, notches, cutting) must take place prior to tempering or heat strengthening. Attempting fabrication on tempered glass will cause it to shatter.

Our Services

As a professional glass processing manufacturer from 1993, SZG specialize in producing all kinds of tempered glass as below, welcome to contact us and custom your glass.

We provide quality process services, include cut to custom size, polish edges, drill holes, cutouts, safety corners etc.

We have professional testing team to insist inspect each piece of glass before packing.

Except glass, we can also provide you stainless steel and aluminum fitting to convent for your purchase.

Packing & Shipping

All the glass from Sun Global Glass is packed in strong export plywood crates and load safety into container with metal belt, to avoid any breakage during long distance transportation.

Company Profile

Sun Global Glass

Our company is founded since 1993. We specialize in producing and trading all kinds of glass including building glass, decorative glass. Feel free to contact us if you have any interest. We sure will provide the best offer for you.

Our Advantages

1. We have professional production department, sales department, operating department and after-sales service department, for sure smoothly business for all customers.

2. We have long time professional cooperated forwarder agent, who can help for booking the containers in most suitable shipping cost and shipping time in advance.

3. No matter FOB term or CIF term or CFR term, all we can do it with you.

4. Payment way: L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc. If you are the sincerity importer, cooperated with us, you will know how sincerity we are.

5. Packaging: customized strongest export plywood crates with metal belts for safety transportation.

6. Our factory have certificates like CCC, ISO, SGS, etc. Our glass passed CE, BS6206, etc.

7. After-sale service: we much care long term business with customers, that’s why we also much care after –sale service, if there is any problems for glass, we have the professional after-sale team for help together solve the problem in time.

High quality is our pursue, we won't leave quality problem to annoy our customers. We have a stong team of quality control and test to make sure our high quality when deliver to our dear customers.

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