2023 CE approved high temperature chicken meat industrial drying oven

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Brief introduction of Steam Baking Linear Oven:
Tunnel steamer integrates uniformity, versatility, simplicity, ease of use and reliability, mainly used for the production of steamed, boiled and baked products, to ensure the production efficiency of products and the beauty of product appearance; According to different capacity needs, a variety of specifications and models can be selected.
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01. The steaming conditions of the two relatively independent areas of the steamer can be controlled separately, the humidity is controlled independently by the dew point of each zone, and the air circulation airflow can be adjusted to meet any steaming needs.

02. The high-speed combined horizontal and vertical airflow during cooking provides optimal browning and baking results, avoiding affecting the crunchyness and quality of the product due to moisture loss.

03. The independent process of each cooking zone provides the flexibility needed with a high degree of consistency. Lecithin soaked at the time of feeding creates an anti-stick layer on the conveyor belt, which ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance and longer production uptime.

Technical characteristics:
• The machine is a continuous processing machine with dual zone temperature control
• Dual-zone temperature capability to diversify the device's efficacy
• Built-in air deflector ensures temperature uniformity
• The equipment is equipped with a dual-zone humidity controller, which can ensure the best production of the product
• The maximum temperature setpoint within the device is 240°C, which is combined with wind speed adjustment for optimal results
• Optimum processing results can be achieved by adjusting the heating temperature, air speed, air flow deflector and humidity control
• The control system adopts PLC and touch screen operated control device
• Increase efficiency and equipment utilization by: • Residue removal function at the bottom of the equipment
• High efficiency mesh belt cleaning device
• If higher processing temperatures or more viscous products are required, a soft phospholipid cleaning device is optional. • Semi-automatic cleaning unit reduces cleaning time, including water tank, pump and nozzle
• Water sealing device ensures that hot air and vapor do not spill out
• The lid can be raised for easy service and cleaning
• Food grade lubricating oil/grease is used for areas that come into contact with food
• The heating element is made of a material with high corrosion protection


Steamers are suitable for steaming, cooking, grilling or browning a wide range of raw cured products as well as cooked, baked or fried products.
In the steamer, not only chicken, chicken slices and bone-in products can be specially steamed, boiled or grilled, but also products such as shaped burgers and chicken nuggets. It can also handle red meat products like ribs, roast beef, and sausages.

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