earl grey tea powder (1600710936476)

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Product Name

Assam Black Tea / AA Assam Black Tea / Ceylon Black Tea / Ceylon Black Tea King / Earl Grey Black Tea / Heavy Earl Grey Black Tea / Assam Black Tea(Earl Grey Flavor) / Ruby Black Te / Coffee Flavor Black Tea


Product Spec

600G / Bag . 30 Bags / Carton
Net Weight : 18 KG Gross Weight : 19 KG


Product Ingredient

Black Tea


Product Desciption

exudes an attractive mature flavor, and is most suitable for brewing into milk tea



Applicable to all kinds of drinks / Pearl milk tea / Frozen drinks / Smoothie / Dessert / afternoon tea and creative cuisine


Storage Method

Please store in a cool and dry plae






Our Company

Our Company

Expert of Bubble Tea and Taiwanese Desserts

Since 1990, more than 30 years of experience have exercised our professional acumen in the hand shake and dessert industry. We can flexibly use various raw materials, such as tea, drinks powder, tapioca pearls, taro balls, syrup, etc., from commodity customers Systematic development and innovation of beverage formulas, store start-ups, beverage preparation teaching, menu design,professional team integration industry supply chain to provide you with one-stop integrated services.



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Bubble Tea Shop Opening Course

We can help you realize your dream of a milk tea shop, you will enjoy hands-on practical teaching, and professional lecturers will guide you carefully





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Q. Why choose us? A.1. Provide free samples 2. More than 30 years of business 3. Compliance with strict safety regulations 4. Guided by customer needs 5. Innovative and diversified products Q. Where are your products from? A. All of our products are made in Taiwan with excellent quality. Q. How do I make my order? A. Thank you so much for interested in our products. The easiest way to purchase from us is to write us an email. For further information, please kindly visit our website at https://bws945888.com/en/index.php Q. How do I make my payment? A. Due to our company policy, please kindly do telex transfer to our bank account, 70% of the total payment when the order is placed and the rest of the 30% before products on board. Q. How do you deliver my products (order)? A. We usually deliver orders by ocean in order to save transportation cost and will provide rate quotes to our customer before delivery. Of course, if customers have any special requests on delivery, we can definitely meet their needs. Q. Are your products Gluten-free & Gelatin-free? A. Yes, all of our products are Gluten-free & Gelatin-free.

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