NPK Microbial Colorful Advanced Technology Soluble Liquid Fertilizer Flower Fertilizer

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Plant Root Promoter Liquid / Microbial Fertilizer

1.  Specification




Liquid microbial fertilizer

Other Name

Compound Biological Fertilizer

NPK (g/l)


Biological enzyme


beneficial microbe (g/l)



Colorful  liquid


2. product trait 

With natural sea substance as the source of nutrients,  no residues, heavy metals and hormone by schroder group activates extract modern biological enzymolysis fermentation technology, maximumly  retains the endogenous active substances, Marine organisms are rich in biological enzyme, alginic acid, amino acid, mannitol, chitin, and trace elements in a variety of highly active ecological level of nutrition.


Improve resilience: Purified deep-sea bioenzymes can effectively penetrate into soil aggregates and root systems to form a natural protective layer, improve the organism's defense function, enhance the buffer against adversity, and significantly improve the crop's resistance to waterlogging, drought and freezing.


Activate immune resistance: improve the soil microecological environment, activate the immune function of crops, improve crop growth, improve disease resistance, reduce the incidence of disease, repair disease damage.


Soil performance improvement: Amino acids, alginate, polysaccharides and other natural Marine active substances can regulate soil pH, enhance soil aggregate structure, improve soil permeability, improve soil fertility, and by creating a good environment for microbial growth, increase the activity of beneficial bacteria in the soil


Overall increase in yield and quality: The abundant Marine biological nutrients in the products can significantly improve the quality of crops, enhance the nutrient absorption efficiency of fruits, prevent and treat deficiency of nutrients, and improve the color and surface gloss of fruits.


3.     Application Range

      It is suitable for all crops.

4.     Application Method and Amounts

It is used as topdressing fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.

For topdressing fertilizer: flushing, dropping, filtrating, and spraying, 5-10 liters per acre.

For foliar fertilizer: dilute over 800 times.


5.     Package and Storage

Please store in dry place by room temperature. Shelf period: 24 months.

Package size is determined as per customer request: 1L, 5L, 25L, 50L, 200L,1000L



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Amino Acid Organic Liquid Bio Fertilizer For Root

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