Drinking electric standing commercial industrial water cooler

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Equipment to generate drinking water from air - IZUMI Seseragi

Six features of IZUMI Seseragi

(1) Generates 2 to 8 liters per day
Only two things are needed: air and a power source.
Water is automatically generated by simply turning on the power.

(2) Made in Japan
The product is designed, assembled, and shipped in Japan.

(3) No shipping required
No truck delivery is required because drinking water is generated by the air on the spot.

(4) Safety of water quality
The water quality has passed the 51-point and 26-point water quality tests required by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

(5) Specialized in disaster prevention
The product is needed in times of disaster and is recognized as a recommended product for disaster prevention.

(6) Lightweight design
The main unit weighs only 8.4 kg and is designed to be carried by women.

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Company Profile

Thank you & Thank you
Thank you" is the magic word that makes people smile wherever you go in the world.
It would be wonderful if your daily feelings for your loved ones could be translated into work.

My Project was born out of the desire to be a company where we can be thanked by our customers for our work, which no one else can imitate, and where we can thank each other with "Thank you" for providing a place for our customers to create.

Management Principles
Producing imaginative and rich "urban development," "value creation," and "form creation" is the source of our company's connectivity and growth.

〜Our Guiding Principles
1. wisdom to please our customers
2. action for customer satisfaction
3. care to please customers 4. patience to please customers
4. patience for customer satisfaction
5. results to please customers

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