Energy Efficiency Rto Regenerative Incineration Process Route Equipment For Coal Chemical Industrial

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Product Overview


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer(RTO) is a kind of high efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Its principle is to oxidate organic compounds (VOCs) at high temperature from the exhaust gas into carbon dioxide and water, to purify the exhaust gas and the recovery of waste heat released by decomposition, It has high thermal efficiency (95%), low running cost ,dealing with large air volume low concentration gas, etc , RTO main structure is formed from combustion chamber,regenerator and switching valve.
1. High thermal efficiency (95% or higher), remarkable energy-saving effect. Under the suitable concentration of exhaust gas,Self heating operation can be realized(Such as toluene is 1.5g/Nm3).
2. High Purification rate , two beds type RTO purification rate is above 98%,three beds type RTO purification rate is above 99%. Low run maintenance cost.
3. Full automatic control, reliable operation, easy to operation.
4. Using multilevel security protection, safety equipment operation.
5. Can use catalyst to RCO(Regenerative catalytic oxidation furnace).
1.Apply to painting, coating, pharmaceutical, printing, semiconductor, petrochemical and other industries.
2. Quantity: 5000 ~ 100000 Nm3/ h
3. Component: complex, no recycling value, difficult to use again
4. Concentration: 1000 mg/Nm3< concentration < 25% LEL

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Product Name
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Waste Gas Treatment Equipment
Air volume
Application field
coating, pharmaceutical, printing, semiconductor, petrochemical
1000mg/Nm ~ 25%LEL
Gas Component
Complex(no recycling value, difficult to use again)
Work Principle
Change VOCs To CO2 And H2O
Thermal efficiency

0.0407 s.