Lu Kang Bacterial Protein Bioorganic Fertilizer Mycorrhizal Fungi Fertilizer Biological Npk Fertilizer For Agriculture

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Product Overview


Products Description

Medical grade fish bone meal, cow bone meal, soybean meal, corn starch, food-grade soybean oil, peptides as the main raw materials, through aerobic fermentation, degradation, rot as the filling material, mixed with functional bacteria to form the product. The functional bacteria contained in this product can eliminate soil salt damage, improve soil fertility and restore soil resistance to repeated cropping.

Product Paramenters

Product water solubility
Organic matter content
Organic carbon
Total nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
Amino acid
Highly active native strain
≥2 billion
Humic acid
PH value
Trace elements
Iron ≥ 0.34%, zinc ≥ 0.36%, magnesium ≥ 0.16%, calcium ≥ 2.12%
Organic nitrogen content
Free amino acid content
Crop germination rate detection

Product Features

1. The added Bacillus subtilis can effectively inhibit harmful bacteria and promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria;
2. Rich in organic matter, can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure.
3. Keep roots and mulch, improve vitality, fix nitrogen, release phosphorus and release potassium.
4. Eliminate soil-borne diseases and pests, improve soil, improve fertility, and achieve sustainable farming.
5. Improve the quality of agricultural products and agricultural ecological environment.

1. Rich organic matter can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, so that the soil has the effect of ventilation, oxygen supply and soil moisture conservation.
2. The product contains complete nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, and has the effect of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization and potassium release.
3. Functional bacteria contained in the product can kill soil diseases and pests; It has the triple effect of providing sufficient nutrients for crops and improving soil and biological control.

Fertilization instructions

1. This product is produced in accordance with the conventional balance ratio of crop nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium three inorganic nutrients. However, different crops have special requirements for the three nutrients, so when applying this product, a certain proportion of chemical fertilizer or compound fertilizer should be applied to achieve the target yield.
2. For similar crops, only one representative crop can be selected as the reference for the amount of fertilization. The amount of fertilizer can be determined according to traditional farming practices.


1. This product contains living cell functional bacteria, it is appropriate to choose morning and evening time to apply, to prevent the solar ultraviolet radiation, functional bacteria failure.
2. Keep the soil moist after use of this product, can not be soaked in water for a long time.
3. This product can not be mixed with chemical sterilization pesticides.
4. Storage of the product: cool and ventilated. Protect from sun, rain and moisture.
5. This product has a small amount of rancid odor, which is normal odor and does not affect the efficacy of the product.
6.Applying Lukang organic fertilizer or biological organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer can reduce the application amount of other large fertilizers by 50%, with the same product efficacy.

Shandong Jiade Lukang Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is located in Jining City, Shandong Province, which is the capital of civilization and the country of ceremonies.
At the same time, under the guidance of the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer and vigorously support commercial organic fertilizer, Lukang planned more than 100 mu of land in the park by combining its own resource advantages, invested more than 82 million yuan to introduce a complete set of world leading commercial organic fertilizer production equipment, introduced the world's most advanced cold fresh production technology, and strictly went through the following steps from raw material selection to products: fermentation, ripening, aging Low temperature cold fresh cold rolling, quality inspection, packaging, warehousing, finished product warehouse out and other production links are strictly controlled with high standards of pharmacy. Lukang series organic fertilizer is a high-end biological high protein organic fertilizer with "high content, high protein and no deep tillage", which is professionally created by the Group.


1. Q: Are you a trader or a manufacturer?
A: Manufacturer
2. Q: Can we get samples for testing?
A: Yes, but you have to pay the sample fee and Courier fee. The sample fee will be refunded when you place your order.
3. Q:How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
A: Every lot of our products must be inspected before delivery.
4. Q: How do I place an order or make a payment?
A: You can send a confirmation letter via enquiry or the Trade Manager. We will send the proforma invoice and our bank details to your email for your confirmation and then you can make the appropriate payment.
5. Q: What is your delivery time?
A: It depends on the quantity of the order, usually 20 working days after the payment is received.

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