Selling well modern most popular yogurt filter in nylon mesh

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Product Overview


Selling well modern most popular yogurt filter in nylon mesh

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We mainly produce and sell food grade nylon filter bags,pure cotton filter bags and aquatic filter bags.As a manufacturer,we guarantee the quality and after-sales service of our products.Free samples,reasonable and competitive quotations are available.


Product Description

Material: Food Grade 100% Nylon/polyester

Hot Selling Mesh size: 50um,75um, 100um, 120um, 200um or Customized

Generic specifications: 12 "x12", 11 "x16",10 "x12",26" x22 "or customized

Mainly used for: making kernel milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, soybean milk, tea, cold brew coffee, wine, honey, beer brewing and other filtration.



Features and advantages:

1. Food-grade nylon filter bag, fine mesh, not easy to block, fine filtering liquid.

2. can be reused, easy to clean.

3. Excellent products and low price.As a producer, we can offer competitive prices.




Used for: filtering beer, mashed potatoes, grain brewing, wine brewing filtration, etc.


1.Save time and money.

Bagged brewing lets you easily move to whole grain or partially mashed potato brewing, omitting the use of mashed potato tubs, raute tubs or thermos kettles.

2. Strong practicability.

Nylon filter bag, can be cleaned and reused many times.

3. Close suture.

Strong stitching ensures that no particles slide into wort.

Easy to remove grain impurities, brewing pure wine.

4. Oversized.

26 inches wide and 22 inches high, make sure you can brew the biggest recipe without spilling any grains.


Usage specification:

60 Mesh

It is suitable for coarse filtration, filtration particles magazine larger liquid, users who need to carry out secondary filtration, can choose 60 mesh for the first filtration.

80 Mesh

Apply to honey, hand-ground soybean milk, or machine broken beans, bean paste and other filtration, need more delicate recommendations choose 120 mesh.

120 Mesh

It has been able to meet home filtration, cooked soybean milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit vinegar, Chinese medicine and other homemade beverages.

160 Mesh

Raw soy milk, milk tea, coffee, tea, etc.

200 Mesh

Landscape, milk, wine, yellow wine,etc.

300 Mesh

Belongs to the fine filter net, the slag many words, when the filtration velocity will be very slow, unless USES the small mesh number first to filter, is suitable for liquor, edible liquor and so on.


Cotton Filter Bag For Milk / Tea And Coffee With Zipper

1.Cheap and durable.The product can be recycled and repeatedly cleaned, the zipper bag mouth makes the residue leak, clean and sanitary.

2.Natural cotton.Free of chemical paste, fluorescein and other ingredients, safe and sanitary, can be used at ease.

3.Filter clean, good air permeability, thin material.



Organic cotton


6x8cm,8x10cm,10x15cm,13x16cm,18x20cm,20x25cm/Customized Size

Manner of packing:

20pcs or 50pcs / self sealing bags


Natural colour

Printing method:

Screen print/heat transfer print etc


Tea, soup, decocting and packaging products etc.


Free sample



1. High temperature resistance.

Any filter medium can be used for neutral pH water - based products.Hot oils, resins and other high temperature products require a filter medium that can withstand high temperatures for a long time.

2. Strong chemical compatibility.

Solvents, strong acids, and alkaline solutions all face challenges.It is important to choose a filter medium that can withstand exposure to your product.

3. Particle filtration.

The micron scale of the filter medium determines the size of the particles captured in the filter product.The human eye can distinguish particles as small as 50 microns.Food is usually filtered between 1 and 25 microns, while inks and paints can range from 5 microns to 100 microns depending on the application.


product diaplay

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Nut milk filter mesh bag widely used in water filtering,nut milk filtering,juices filtering,soybean milk filtering,milk power filtering,oil filtering,cheese filtering,etc.




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