Сертификат CE, 0,4 м/с, 250 ~ 400 кг, гидравлический роскошный небольшой лифт для дома и виллы, цена (1600714647887)

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Price:4 650,00 $ - 4 800,00 $
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Product Overview


Advantages of our small home elevators
1. Easy to install
Our small home elevators are very convenient, fast and simple to install. Even if there are installation problems, you can contact us at the first time, and we will quickly solve them for you.
2. Low cost
The price is still Relatively economical. At the same time, due to the relatively small volume, the transportation cost will be relatively low. Therefore, its installation cost is relatively low.
3. Save space
Our small home elevator occupies a small area and will not affect the pattern of the indoor space; in addition, because of its small size and light weight, it is very convenient and safe to carry; it can also save a lot of unnecessary decoration costs and material costs.
4. Smooth operation
Because our small home elevator is very light in weight and small in size, it is very stable and smooth during operation; even in high-speed operation, there will be no shaking, so it is very suitable for use It is used in some places that are often used by the elderly or children.
5. Low noise
Our small home elevators are very quiet and there is no vibration feeling in them. Therefore, when using it, people don't have to worry about noise problems that will interfere with their normal rest and work.
6. low power consumption
In addition, the power consumption of our small home elevator is relatively small! So it is very suitable for those families who have the concept of saving energy.
7. High security
Our small home elevators have been professionally designed and quality tested during installation, so they are very guaranteed in terms of safety performance.

Lifting height
Loading capacity
Cabin Size
Automatic or Manual
Automatic or Manual
Automatic or Manual
Automatic or Manual

1.What's the payment terms ?
T/T, L/C and other payment terms could be accept

2.What's the delivery term?
At most of time, the delivery time is 7+-10 working days after deposit receipt. If you are in urgent need, we can consider making special arrangement for you.

3.How about your warranty?
Generally, our warranty is two year. Within the warranty period, we can offer technique support, Feedback to you within 24 hours and help you to repair your problem controller freely, even it's not from our factory

4.What’s the service of the machine ?
1).24 hour’s technical support by email or calling
2).English manual and video tutorial
3).We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price
4).24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.

5.How about the packing for machine, is it safely protected during transportation?
Packed by standard export wooden box for outside package and stretch film for inner package, it won't be damaged. We've delivered many testing machines abroad by sea or by air without damage.

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