Biobase China Inductively Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for lab

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Product Overview


Biobase China Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer(ICP-MS) PPT level Ultra High Precision ICP-MS Spectrometer

Product Description

Introduction: The BK-ICPMS 200 is equipped with an automatic sampler, and the test process is more automated; the
multi-functionalcollision reaction cell technology can effectively eliminate the interference of polyatomic ions and reduce the
detection limitof easily interfered elements. BK-ICPMS 2000 can be widely used in the fields of environment, food,
semiconductor,nuclear industry, petrochemical, geological and mining, medicine and physiological analysis.

Main Components:
1. Inverterlsolid state power supply, higher power efficiency, higher sensitivity.
2. Open sampling structure,plug-in installation, self-positioning, easy maintenance.
3.Plasma position three-dimensional moving platform, fully automatic precise adjustment.
4.Twin turbomolecular pump.
5. Multifunctional collision reaction cell to solve the problem of polyatomic ion interference.
6.Vacuum chamber structure, no wire connection, components adopt asymmetric plug-in installation, easy maintenance.
lntelligent Software:
Simple operation interface, in line with user habits; Customized method files to improve test efficiency;Complete functionality for automatic tuning and analysis
* Environmental protection: drinking water,seawater, water resources, food, hygiene and disease control, goods inspection, etc.
* Semiconductor industry: high pure metals,high pure reagents, ultratrace impurities of Si chips, photoresists,etc.
* Pharmaceutical and physiological analysis: medical research on hair, blood, serum, urine, biological tissues etc., for example,testing Pb in whole blood.
*Nuclear industry: nuclear fuel radioisotopes, pollution of primary cooling water etc.
*Other fields: chemical industry, petrochemical industry, geology, etc.

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Technical Parameters

Quality Quantity Range
2 ~ 255 amu
Measuring range
Be≥2 × 106; In≥35 × 106; U≥30 × 106 units (cps / mg / L)
The detection limit
Be≤10; In ≤2; U≤2 units (ng / L)
0.6 ~ 0.8 amu
≥50 × 106
Background noise
≤2 cps ( full mass range )
Mass axis stability
≤0.05 amu / 24 h
Stability RSD
short-term ≤3%; long ≤4%
Oxide ions
CeO + / Ce + ≤3%
Bivalent ions
69Ba2 + / 138Ba + ≤3%
Isotope ratio
(107Ag / 109Ag) ≤0.3%
Abundance sensitivity
≤1 × 10-6 low quality end ; ≤5 × 10-7 high mass

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