PNBR Powdered Nitrile Rubber NBR Powder for manufacturing injection products and extruded products

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Product Overview



Product Introduction:

PNBR is a powder form macromolecule rubber material that is processed through special technics after butadiene and acrylonitrile are copolymerized under low temperature.


Product Characteristics:

PNBR is equivalent to basic properties of block rubber.It is beneficial in conticuous mixing process,automation,reduce labor intensity,recuce energy consumption,and environmental enhanceme PNBR is suitable for manufacturing injection products and extruded products.It can also be used as resin modifying agent etc. The product can improve heat resistance property,low tamperature resistance property,oil resistance property.anti-slip property,low temperature flexibility properties, elongation at break and melt stability through manufacturing process.of the products in PVC resin and Phenolic Resin.



PNBR is mainly used as modifying agent for PVC and Phenolic resin (PF)in manufacturing of brake lining and pads,wire and cables,shoes,conveyer belts,seal strips,safety boots and shoes adhesive agent and other products.



Products are packed in 25Kg Boxes(Calcium-Plastic/Carton box)and 1000 Kg/wooden pallet.



NBR® is not dangerous when it is processed in accordance with the product's MSDS (MaterialSafety Data Sheet).



The products should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated environment,avoid direct sunlight,away from heat,storage temperature should not be higher than 40℃ . Shelf life: 180 days from date of manufacture under proper storage conditions. expired products may continue to be used after inspections.


Company Information:

Lanboom is an 18-year experienced company in rubber & plastic raw materials, related extrude & injection products manufacturing, developing and marketing.

Lanboom has been investing 30% of annual profit for product research and development. We have passed ISO9001 and TS16949 quality control system, with more than 60 test equipments of 24-hour monitoring as the ISO/ASTM standards. All products have been insured by China Taiping , and Lanboom products are sold to more than 20 countries across America and Europe.

We will constantly pursue customer first principle and provide customized products.


Main Products:
Thermoplastic Elastomers: TPE, TPR, TR, TPU, TPV, TPO, PVC, EVA, etc;
Modified Engineering Plastic Granules: PA, PC, POM, PE, UPE, PP, ABS , etc;
Nitrile Rubber in liquid LNBR and powder PNBR,NBR/PVC Alloy granules NVR;
Rubber compounds:  NBR, SBR, EPDM, NR, CR, etc.

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