Hydraulic chain track water well drilling machine

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Skid mounted Diesel Engine Borehole Water Well Drilling Rig

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Scope of application:

1. This drilling rig is a high-speed drilling rig and is suitable for drilling projects such as general survey exploration, geophysical exploration,

     road and building exploration, and blasting holes.
2. Alloy, diamond and composite drill bits can be selected for drilling according to the different bottom layers.
3. It can drill sandy clay and rock formations of grade 2-9.

Main feature:

1. Equipped with hydraulic automatic feed mechanism, which improves drilling efficiency and reduces labor intensity of workers.
2. The ball chuck clamping mechanism is used instead of the chuck, which can be used to reverse the rod without stopping the machine. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
3. The winch is equipped with a cage to form a double-sided support star wheel structure, which can withstand strong impact
4. The four sets of bearings of the vertical shaft box are positioned to ensure that the gyrator has sufficient rigidity to cope with complex geological conditions such as gravel layers and pebble layers.
5. The machine adopts a taper clutch, which has the outstanding characteristics of large transmission torque, convenient operation and maintenance-free 



Technical Specication:


Drilling Depth (m)130180200
Open hole dia.(mm)220220325
End hole dia.(mm)757575
Dril rod dia.(mm)42-6042-6042-60
drill angle (degree)90-7590-7590-75
Matching power(KW)13.213.115
Weight without power(kg)5606101150
Machine Size(mm)2400*700*1400 2400*600*14002700*900*1600
Max pull force(kg)160020002400
Pull speed(m/min)0.41-1.640.35-2.230.12-0.95
Rope dia.(mm)
Roll capacity(m)273535
Rated load(ton)225
Inlet hose dia.(mm)515151
Outlet hose dia.(mm)323232


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