Горячая Распродажа и высококачественное приспособление для тестирования вязкости масла

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Product Overview



1. You can perform 3 sample tests at the same time. You can add the sample to the test process at the same time. The temperature
and time involved are displayed by a touch of real color LCD display. 2. The new temperature sensor and temperature control
algorithm are adopted to make the display resolution of 0.001 ° C and the temperature control accuracy ± 0.04 ° C. 3. Calculate
the [JJG155] program with the viscosity index calculator and viscosity meter. 4. According to the flow time of the sample,
automatically calculate the dynamic viscosity and power viscosity results, and 99 inspection records can be stored. 5. Use color
touch LCD display, Chinese and English bilingual menu, real color GUI touch screen interface design, display intuitive, easy to
operate (you can quickly be familiar with the operation process without reading the manual under certain conditions), overcome the
previous mechanical key control control control The life of the panel.

Technical indicator
Execution standards GB/T 265, GB/T 11137, GB/T 1995, JJG 155
Division number pt1000
The temperature control range room temperature ----- 150 ℃
Temperature resolution 0.001 ℃
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.008 ℃
Time resolution 0.01s
Time accuracy ± 0.1s
3 samples
Show the real lottery GUI touch screen
Use the environmental temperature of 15--35 ℃ Environmental humidity is less than 85%
Power supply 230V AC ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz
Power loss ≤2100W
Maximum size 550*360*510 (length*width*height)
Instrument quality 12kg


Test temperature ℃
Constant temperature bath liquid
Transparent mineral oil; propylene glycol; or 25%ammonium nitrate aquatic solution
Water. Transparent mineral oil
Ice water mixture, or ethanol and dry ice mixture
Ethanol and dry ice mixture

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